100% Sponsorship to 5 Select Startups at Collision Conf 2018!

We’re selecting 5 amazing startups who will get:

  • 100% cover on the cost of an ALPHA booth at Collision Conference, New Orleans 2018
  • Awesome goodies customized with their startup’s brand to flaunt at Collision Conf
  • Solid marketing support online and offline, and
  • Media shout outs on prominent PR platforms!

Think you have what it takes? APPLY NOW!

Application open to all startups that are exhibiting or looking to exhibit at Collision Conference 2018.
Beyond the select 5, all other startups will be eligible to get a 25% reimbursement on their ALPHA or BETA booth fees, and the additional marketing support!


This offer is being run by the Startup League independently, and is not a property of Collision Conference.

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A unique startup support program for kickass startups on


To be eligible for this sponsorship, you need to have your primary website hosted on a Radix domain and display it through your booth at Dublin Tech Summit 2018.

Don’t have a Radix domain? No worries – the Startup League is offering the domain free of cost for two years to all Dublin Tech Summit startups!

The Startup League

An unmatched initiative designed to assist disruptive startups with amazing benefits like:

Upto 100% sponsorship each time you exhibit at global startup events like Web Summit, TechCrunch Disrupt, TNW etc
Additional promotions for your startup at leading startup events, on social media and other platforms
PR mentions on popular websites such as TNW, AlleyWatch, Tech.eu etc
Branded t-shirts, pens, stickers for you to flaunt at startup events!

Why are we doing this ?

The startup league is powered by Radix, a leading domain registry that has a portfolio of some of the most promising TLD’s like .TECH .ONLINE .STORE .FUN .SITE .PRESS .WEBSITE .HOST and .SPACE

We are here to give startup’s the online identity they deserve – a brand sans messy suffixes/prefixes, hyphens or any spelling errors, and pretty much just the way they want! A great brand deserves great marketing, and The Startup League is Radix’s attempt to ensure each one of our startups gain the marketing visibility they deserve!

As a part of this effort, we are selecting an amazing startups to get free ALPHA booths at Collision Conference 2018. All other startups will receive 25% sponsorship on their ALPHA booth fees at Collision Conf, New Orleans