Get Sponsored to Exhibit at Startup Grind Europe Conference, London

Exhibit your startup at Europe’s leading tech festival!

What’s more? We’ll cover part of your booth cost and offer marketing support to help you get there.

The offer of payment for exhibitors or discounts made by Startup League
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what you stand to get

EVENT <br> <span>SPONSORSHIP</span>

Upto a 100% sponsorship on the cost of your GRIND booth at Startup Grind Europe!

FREE <br><span>SCHWAG</span>

Free branded T-shirts and marketing merchandise to flaunt at the event.


PR shout outs on leading platforms like Tech.EU, TNW


Blog and social media promos

and much more!

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  • The Startup League is an exclusive program for startups using Radix’s new domain extensions for their startup’s primary website.

    Don’t have a website on any of these extensions? No worries, register one now!
  • Applied for our sponsorship? You should have received a coupon code that lets you register your new domain free of cost for the first year! Add it upon checkout in the next steps.

    Also, get access to 2 complimentary email accounts.
  • Once your website is up, we will list you as a community member, and support you to exhibit at global startup and tech events like TNW Conference.

    Also, get free booth T-shirts and schwag, PR promos and more!
  • Our team will be in touch with you to answer any concerns, and take you through the next steps of your sponsorship - including designing your goodies!

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The Startup League has supported over 200 startups to exhibit at startup conferences since 2016.
See where their journey has taken them since then:


Not only did my startup get great, well-defined name over the web, we also received incredible benefits we had never heard of before.
Truly a unique program worth being a part of.


It's not only the almost immediate deposit of sponsorship after the events, the t-shirts , the fun goodies, it's also the ease of communication, the tips, the willingness to simply help you even if it's not business related, it's their people.
I'm so thankful of their support that I can only recommend them.


As a company targeting customers globally, it is essential to be present at events like Web Summit where you can form strategic partnerships, get investor attention and get feedback from real customers. However, the logistics for these events can often be daunting, having a partner like Startup League handling the logistics and making our event experience easier, was priceless.


We thank the Startup League for making our presence at Web Summit 2017 a reality. We plan to use this opportunity to forge partnerships that will make Pavnext a global leader in road safety and smart city solutions.


Being at Web Summit 2017 has helped Sensei directly communicate with retailers and investors and instilled new hope to our dreams of AI-powered smart retail. We would like to thank the Startup League for making this possible and for all the lovely goodies they sent us to make us look good today.

our partners

why are we doing this?

Often, we are asked why we offer free support to startups for no equity or membership fees in return. The answer is simple: it’s our way of giving it back to the global startup community.

Here’s a little backstory: Radix, like most startups today, started out small back in 2012. As a portfolio registry for new domain extensions, Radix has exhibited at 75+ global trade shows, spreading the word about our products. By 2016, we had realised how beneficial these trade shows are for early-stage startups looking to take their product to the market. That’s when we created the Startup League, a support program that offers an easy passage for young startups to make it to events because we recognise the high cost and effort of a well-rounded marketing strategy.

Along with that, we also offer startups the online identity they deserve – a domain name sans messy suffixes/prefixes, hyphens or spelling errors! To join our program, register your free Radix domain now, set it up as your primary website, and get sponsored to exhibit at the Startup Grind Europe Conference!