Startup League, around Asia in 5 Days!

Join us to learn Event Marketing 101 for Early Stage Startups!

Last year, the Startup League visited 6 global startup and tech events, sponsoring over 100 startups to exhibit along the way. Meet us in your city to know more about how we can help you scale your startup’s marketing efforts!
Also stand a chance to win a FREE exhibition booth to RISE Conference, Hong Kong or Tech in Asia, Singapore!



6th April, 2018



10-11th April, 2018



12-13th April, 2018

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Interested in the Startup League?

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India’s long-standing financial capital, Mumbai is fast turning into a cradle for India’s startups. Backed by financial institutions and talent, startups in Mumbai have pulled in close to $3 billion in funding in the last 2 years alone!
We’re very excited to see what the city’s entrepreneurs have to offer! Join us at:


6th April, 4pm

Interested in the Startup League?

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With its huge population, abundance of investors and soaring mobile phone users, Indonesia is a country ripe with potential to take the technology scene in Asia by storm. As of September 2017, Indonesian startups recorded $3 billion in investment according to a report by Google and management consulting firm AT Kearney.
We’ll be hitting Jakarta to meet with dynamic and young entrepreneurs contributing to this change! Meet us at:


10th April, 2pm


11th April, 11am


Hong Kong is ranked #1 in ease of doing business and has the highest internet penetration rate in Asia. Coupled with a highly advanced international financial market, Hong Kong has emerged as one of the leading startup hubs in the world.
We’re returning to Hong Kong a second time, looking to meet with the best in the ecosystem! Join us at:


12th April, 4pm


13th April, 4pm


13th April, 12pm

Why are we doing this ?

The startup league is powered by Radix, a leading domain registry that has a portfolio of some of the most promosing TLD’s like  .TECH  .ONLINE  .STORE  .FUN  .SITE  .PRESS  .WEBSITE  .HOST  and  .SPACE
We are here to give startup’s the online identity they deserve – a brand sans messy suffixes/prefixes, hyphens or any spelling errors, and pretty much just the way they want! A great brand deserves great marketing, and The Startup League is Radix’s attempt to ensure each one of our startups gain the marketing visibility they deserve!