A League Apart. Literally.


Koder is a monthly subscription service that connects companies with teams of elite developers, designers, CTOs and Product Managers to deliver results.


Everything you need to land the perfect tech job. Get step-by-step coaching on choosing the right roles, companies, and application strategies. No coding skills required!


Whether you are concerned about air travel, critical infrastructure, public venues or personal privacy, Drone Go Home’s Patent Pending drone management system delivers flexible defense and containment solutions for both mobile and permanent installations.


DevTeam.Space is a premium-quality software development outsourcing service. They have an exclusive network of some of the best vetted and trained dev teams in the world, a unique process and a project reporting system.


Horus is a wearable device developed to assist blind and visually impaired people during the entire day.


Source{d} is a recruitment product built by developers for developers. They analyze over 740 million code contributions in the open source community to match theitr clients with the best jobs.


SovTech gives businesses in Africa instant access to world class software development, leading cloud based software-as-a-service products, and a library of enterprise technology services.


Betagig is a new app that is streamlining the process of job shadowing, allowing students and recent grads to discover opportunities and jobs they didn’t know existed.


Pillar Technologies is in the business of predicting and preventing damage. Through the use of on-site sensors, their company monitors for destructive environmental conditions such as fire outbreaks, high humidity exposure, and mold growth at construction sites.


The vision of Eyeware is to give all computers, devices and robots the ability to understand people based on machine vision.


Bubbl was conceptualised to provide companies with a disruptive ‘off-the-shelf’ geolocation solution for proximity marketing.


Zero 2 Infinity’s mission is to elevate our planetary consciousness by providing elevating experiences. Bloon is their first product, it will lift 4 passengers and two pilots over the blue skies into the darkness of Space.


Buzzer is a feedback tool for restaurants and other service industry businesses that gives managers real-time insights into customer opinions via an easily operated web dashboard.


With a mission to foster creative interaction universally, Kika Tech works on innovative technologies to support human expression powered by machine learning through next-generation keyboard applications.


Human Unlimites re-invent on-location face-to-face customer service into a customer experience that is personalized, scalable and digitally-ineractable.


Tetchy Tech is an electronics buy back business that is paying premium prices for your used and pre-owned devices including Apple and Samsung.


Crowdbeamer is a product from RORYCO, a company founded to provide solutions for all professionals who are involved in presenting information to a live audience.


Aera is developing a groundbreaking & patent-pending renewable energy based electric car & charger kit to offer “the longest range in the world”


Digital Disease Detection platforms using crowdsourcing to identify epidemics and disease outbreaks.


Krakenprod is a Startup specialized in the VR field.


Foodstamp helps you find and preorder great food at the best local restaurants. We save time for our users and help restaurants grow.


ISTMOS is a monitoring and quality assurance system for the wine supply chain, from bottling to end consumer.


Taskomat is the first cloud based OS for freelance developers.

Aim Best

AIM is the first SaaS that monitors and measures data on companies’ innovation capabilities to allow data driven decision making


UXH improves the UX of 7* (super yacht) hospitality through our AI software products, thus also generating behavioural and preference metadata on UHNWI

Hire Free Hands

An online market place where verified freelancers deliver digital and domestic services to clients within a safe, reliable and regulated online workplace.


AEDMAP developed services to improve Sudden Cardiac Arrest survival by mapping and monitoring Automated External Defibrillators worldwide.


Sportify is an mobile application designed to takes the hassle out of booking a sport venue and organising sport games by linking local sport players and venues on our platform.

Our multifunctional editorial teams specialise in understanding organisations and their audience to create relevant and engaging content.


Platform where users can challenge their followers and friends with videos, images or sentences, publicly or privately, using algorithms that ensure fairness.


Sensei is an innovative solution for business analysis to help you solve inefficiencies and provide tools for you to analyze the performance of your store.


Go online for better offline. The new way to design,discover and share your precious time.


Interactive Livestreaming Broadcast Services and Media Innovation

Good for Pocin

A growing list of companies providing an inclusive and safe work environment for people of color in tech.


An automated copywriting marketplace powered by AI


Smart booking system for businesses


Innovative radiation detectors


WarwickTECH exists to allow members of the tech community to amplify their own initiatives and gain industry insight by partnering with companies, government bodies, charities and influencers to build a campus tech hub.

Crossroads Apps

Crossroads provide application solutions for businesses and individuals.


DADI is a powerful, API-first suite of micro-services for products of all sizes and scale. It enables real-time, personalized experiences driven by machine learning.


Posibillian Tech is a startup/game studio currently developing a Mobile Multiplayer Online Battle game with geo-localization called Fhacktions and, a social network where content creators can share their creations with the world: Surprizer.


Digital love build their own digital products and services, and have helped tech startups navigate successfully from an idea through funding to a successful exit


AVANTO™ specializes in the seamless integration of the electronics and clothing. They offer infrared heating technology to sports, outdoors and professional equipment manufacturers as a solution to create heated clothing that is up to twice as energy efficient as competing resistance heated products.


CloviFi is a patent pending best TV wireless audio transmitter that is compact, easy to use, and affordable. CloviFi enables users to privately listen to high quality TV audio streams over Wi-Fi network through personal mobile devices (smartphones, iPads, etc.) at home, in public places (gyms, airports, hospitals, etc.), and at businesses with multiple TVs without disturbing people nearby.


Stefanka is a software company that provides retailers with interactive clothing fit solutions meant to help their shoppers find the perfect garments for their unique curves and fitting preferences. Their suite of solutions helps retailers enhance the experience in-store and online, drive traffic up, increase basket size up and reduce returns.


MTG Manager enables you to store all your MTG Cards, access them with just a few clicks, anywhere (no internet required), anytime. All of this is supported by their MTG Augmented Reality Scanner, Next Reality, which eases this process in a way that the hard work involved in manually creating a card inventory is quickly replaced by MTG Manager. The app continues to be used as one of the most successful ways on fair mtg card trading.


Uber/Lyft at SFO with NO wait and NO hassle.


Convy creates Omnichannel Enterprise BOTs to optimize the interactions between customers and brands. Scale up your business using Convy, the artificial intelligence that acts like a human helping enterprises to better interact with their clients.


Driven to produce awesome, functional software applications that change lives.


Kleos is offering a remarkable shift in geo-located intelligence gathering capability from Space.

Leaf Space

Tailored services for micro satellites.


Bon Voyage brings you from anywhere to everywhere in less than 30 seconds. Book a flight, train, bus, taxi, car and hotel room in a one-stop shop.

Delta V Challenge

The XPRIZE meets Iron Chef for university students, young professionals, and startups interested in Space.


HabHub is a platform that builds a functional and effective support system for patients, such that they can receive proper rehabilitation at home.


OneSite is a platform that allows anyone to create a website for free. They enable beginners and advanced developers to create and put online their own site the best way possible.


Betacode creates software to boost your business. No matter your business model, Betacode has a dedicated solution to help you.


LuniarVis envisions a power generation, transmission & reception using the Lunar surface to the satellites in the GSO directly or a hub at L1 point. Solar Energy is harnessed on the Lunar surface and converted into Laser to transmit it to satellites and Receiver-transmitter hub at L1 point.


Levity Space System is developing a new spacecraft to provide other entities with in orbit demonstration services. Companies and public institutes will be able to launch their prototypes on board our spacecraft exposing and testing their technology in the space environment.

World from Space

Their mission is to solve local problems with global solutions coming from space data and analysis. They believe that everyone can benefit from the data that are currently available and are happy to become translators between your needs and the world of big data.


Xyber Technologies is a startup dedicated to reducing the impact data centers are having on the environment by cutting their power consumption and increasing computational density to reduce their physical footprint.


Data Pro has a unique mix of creative minds, software developers, and business analysts with the collective power to design immersive customer experiences that deliver results.

Soft Lab

SOFTLAB – is the space where we have combined teams of experts from different spheres and places, which can help to bring your ideas to needed level.


Real Time & Projected Fatigue Safety System. Increasing shipping efficiency and transportation safety through biometric wearable and machine learning.


A weight control application with SaaS service platform for gyms, personal trainers, sport classes with smart performance analytics integrated to marketing solutions.


Planable is a platform that allows agencies and social media marketers to collaborate with their clients. They have created a tool that speeds up the way social media campaigns are managed and makes planning, visualizing and approving social media posts easy and fun.

Block Rocking Beats

Block Rocking Beats enables you to play with music in a virtual sound studio. Choose one of three sample based instruments and start rocking the beat.

Treat Me At Home

Treat Me At Home is an on-demand app that connects service providers such as massage therapists, musicians, and even car repairsmen to your door.


Flatlay is a community of curators and tastemakers building, discovering, and sharing collections from across the globe. Everyone is rewarded for curating collections and sharing recommendations of the products they love.


At IDEAvize, they are passionate about helping people “Connect In” – building meaningful relationships and opportunities to collaborate, providing flexibility and access to great spaces, and making it easy to connect across all sectors.


Communication platform for frontline staff, all your team messages organized in a simple, intuitive interface.


ProNatives is a P2P platform that connects Tourists and Natives who speak the same language, anyone can offer or ask for assistance or services with no language barriers.


Ninja Coders! They thrive on offering business tools that they requisite to sustain, survive and mirror the market. Sharing their focus on providing affordable technology designs based on business requirements.


Teach your kids to think like scientists and engineers. Hololab is an award-winning science kit that teaches kids the process of science. Your child’s adventure awaits — hands-on experiments, augmented reality explanations, and a never ending saga! Ages 9-12.


Lorem connects you to the best freelancers on the web. They’re looking to build a faster, more human experience for the future of work.


Looking for a safe and reliable rickshaw on the go? Look no further! Shahiswari promises an utmost reliable experience with no more endless haggling for rickshaw fares at the convenience of your exact desired location.

Chat Campaign

You can build two-way automated marketing messages at ChatCampaign. Easily customize messages with drag and drop, and publish with one click to your brand’s chat channels – Facebook Messenger / LINE / Telegram.


ArchPay is an Online Design Management Platform (ODMP) which extends its service for Masterplanning, Architecture, Landscape & Interior Design.


ElectroSAVER consciously works at innovating products that better the lives of it’s customers. They help them understand where their calculations went wrong and thus, take a step forward towards self-sustainable development.


Boutir is a mobile-commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell and shop online through mobile.


Sunami is a free SMS organizer / messenger app for Indian smartphone consumers to stay away from SMS spam with SMS spam blocker and backup.


Udo is an android app that lets you connect to thousands of experts in over a hundred categories. From travel and relationship advice to handling a difficult boss or career guidance, they have experts to help you with anything


AppPay gives merchants the ability to reward loyal customers, and customers to feel more connected with merchants.


Complete Farm and Farmer Management System. A strongly interlinked top-down interface where the activities and output at the individual grassroot level can be monitored and analysed to achieve optimum results.


MirrorMirror is a social comparison app that lets you upload two photos and allows your connections to vote on which they prefer.


Digidice is a bluetooth enabled dice which communicates with your smart phone. with Digidice you can enjoy the traditional dice games on your smart phone with a actual physical electronic dice.

Aviation Palace

Aviation Palace International was designed with the sole responsibility of promoting Aerospace and S.T.E.M education among the youths using the platform program is tagged ‘Aerospace and S.T.E.M catch them young program for Nigerian youths’.


Shuteye is an online platform to book hotel rooms by the hour. They partner with hostels, guest houses, hotels, airbnb’s and other individual accommodations.


Receive in minutes the best price for graphic materials, gifts and signs, with local production, quality assurance and fast delivery, anywhere in the world!

Flux Auto

Flux Auto is developing modular self driving technology for new and existing commercial vehicles, bringing self driving technology to the masses.

Oceo Water Purifier

OCEO uses an IoT based smart water purifier technology. OCEO is an alumnus of the AIRMaker Accelerator Program in Singapore and recently won the ASEAN round of the Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest.


A passionate team of dreamers who see great potential in applying social networking technologies to improve communication among groups.

Gamller Controller

The first protective case for videogame controllers.

Faxime Game Studio

Faxime specializes in game development and is currently incubated at Startup Braga.


RI-TE (Radiation Imaging Technologies), is a Portuguese startup, spin-off from the University of Aveiro, whose main activity is the R&D of systems and instrumentation for radiation detection and imaging.


Surge is a Singapore based startup that is making it trivial for sales people to keep their CRM data up-to-date. They help you build and nurture your business relationships without ever doing data entry again.


Ezq is the world’s most effective platform for instant help. They have created a Routing Network to address any user needs, and a Peer-to-Peer reward system to reward the help offered by other users.


Start drawing easily using augmented reality. SketchAR puts virtual images on paper to let you trace drawings from your phone.


A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence helps you producing video. The best way to automate produce youtube video.


Shadow is a complete gaming computer at an unbeatable price – created due to a drastic improvement in cloud computing technology and transfer protocols . Hundreds of servers equipped with latest generation GPU, pixel perfect HD rendering, more than 100 fps and less than 16ms of lag.


Animall offers businesses a single, omni-channel, cloud platform for domestic, cross-border, and global trade to grow sales.

Second Opinion

Seek Second Opinions & Ask Queries – Optimised for the medical profession, the app enables you to receive answers to simple queries or difficult cases across all specialities.

World Wide Events

The world’s most powerful search engine finding real-time and geolocalized events.


Elysium will provide a decentralised platform based on Blockchain technology for sharing secure and certified health data between Patients, Doctors and Healthcare facilities.


Get your game the attention it deserves. MixFluence is connecting YouTubers & streamers with the best games to increase awareness.


The AR Enhanced Recommendation Engine For Retailers – Inspire customers with a digital enhanced and personalised store experience

Precise Price

Precise Price Technology bridges a retailer’s existing supply chain and marketing process with their proprietary software and wireless digital technologies to provide powerful solutions and management tools that enhance in-store efficiency.


EOTO aims at bringing their users the latest content to fill their Tech appetite, in a simple yet unbiased manner. They are making EOTO a one stop destination for Tech Enthusiasts with up-to-date info so that you never have to go hunting for news.


Nustoft is a Portugal based real-time omnichannel platform for micro and small retail businesses. The product is compatible with IoT and has a productive and intuitive UI.


Oko packs an AI powered newsroom assistant that aggregates every public and private news source using Natural Language Processing (NLP). Oko was a part of the YCombinator Startup School of 2017, UPTEC Startup School 2017 and Microsoft Portugal Startups Spotlight 2017.


Pavnext converts the energy harvested from running vehicles into electrical energy at a very high efficiency rate, recycling wasted energy into clean electrical energy. It is also the winner of the BIG Smart Cities Challenge.


Invadex’s aim is to solve critical problems using data science and machine learning. They are building a one stop solution for digital transformation by gaining deep insights of data with utmost context and relevance so that the right crowd meets right products.


DineSmart is an Indian that allows users to browse menus and place food orders from any restaurant, movie theatre, auditorium, etc.


Naktergal.TECH is a comprehensive consumer lending platform that enables any organization to use the power of data to optimize their business.

Chat Direct

ChatDirect is a chat-bot solution which can run automatic chat conversations to respond to healthcare related queries. The app uses smart text interpretation to conduct a ‘human-like conversation’.


Anycity.ONLINE is travel platform which brings travelers and locals together. The platform allows users to plan trips after connecting with the right person and gaining the right information.


NeuroPSYCAD is a cloud-based platform for the computer-assisted diagnosis (CAD) of neuropsychiatric disorders.

Ravara Design

Ravara Design operates in several areas of design, footwear design; fashion design and textile; product design (industrial, graphic design/communication) and it also provides consulting and training services on the following areas of operation: Footwear Design | Product Design | Graphic Design


Watr.TECH is a UK based biotechnology startup that creates tech products to help with environmental loss due to climate change. Their first product, Monitr, will be going onto crowdcube soon and is scheduled to roll out in 2018.


Mugstudio.TECH is an Italian startup studio that provides optimal solutions to business problems and even work to improve existing solutions to certain problems.

Marketing Madheads

Marketingmadheads is an online marketing agency. They serve as a webcoach that cover overall online marketing strategies, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and other online marketing essentials.


Moov is a digital wallet for your daily commuting services in Rio de Janeiro!


Your on demand motorcycle service – Garupa plans your ride and connects you with drivers that follow their strict code of conduct.


Junction is a Portugal based startup that provides an advanced system to help brands acquire and retain customers and ensure IP protection.


BrainScrap.TECH is a Portugal based startup that specializes in a cloud-based software-as-a-service framework that is pegged as the missing link between social platforms, personal information managers, and collaborative tools.


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