5 Reasons Why Showcasing Your Startup at a Fest is Worth It

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Scenario 1

A startup that makes internet security systems is trying hard to market its product. Alas for them, nobody seems to be interested. They are not sure how to create a buzz or who to reach out to. Struggling with a limited marketing budget, they invest in online advertising to acquire new customers.


Scenario 2:

A startup that makes internet security systems is trying hard to market its products. They invested in participating in an international tech fest where they networked with other startups – forging business relationships and eventual friendships. They met lots of industry influencers and connected with them during and after the event, they even gave a quick byte to a popular news channel. “The vibe is amazing out here”, the startup founder was heard saying on TV while the ticker on the screen flashed hers and her startup’s name. Not only that, her impromptu video at the event gathered her social media engagement too.

Result? The startups she met, the investors she connected with, the journalists she exchanged cards with were now all part of her “network”.

Does that really happen at tech fests, you ask. Well yes, if you do it right. Here are 5 things that will make your participation at startup tech fests oh-so-worth-it!


1) Grab investors’ attention

Tech fests are a magical place to get the attention of your potential investors. It’s your chance to meet them and impress them with your product, business idea and, more importantly, yourself. Before you go to the event, prepare your elevator pitch, choose the words that best communicate your product, practice how you will describe your business and yourself to a potential investor at the event.

Startup League at Web Summit


2) Generate leads, find customers, forge partnerships 

Community focused events are a great place to find leads for potential customers, clients, and business partnerships. In fact, many startups have gotten their first burst of adopters at tech fests, Twitter being a classic example. It was at SXSW 2007 that Twitter participated as a startup and got a lot of attendees to sign up and create conversations about the event itself. The rest, as they say, is history. 

3) Engage with journalists and influencers

Tech fest organizers make sure to invite relevant and experienced journalists to their events. Founders who understand the importance of PR for their business in the long term grab this opportunity to network with people from the media at tech fests.

4) Network with other startups

Startups networking with other startups become part of a ‘community’ that is facing same challenges and playing in similar markets. Their individual networks, when combined, become so powerful that everyone benefits. Tech fests are a great place to meet like-minded startup founders who can become your friends for life.


5) Leverage media coverage that the event receives

The tech fests will always have electronic and print media covering the event. Here lies your opportunity to give a byte or two about the event to the reporters. These interactions are crucial for you to get featured in mainline media. Use the coverage in your presentations, investor pitches, on your website, on social media.. everywhere possible!

All in all, startup fests are a great way for you to spark some positive developments for your startup in multiple ways provided you know how you can make the most of the opportunity.

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