5 Takeaways from TechDay NY 2017

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This was TechDay NY’s 6th year and it has already become one of the largest startup events in the United States. With over 35,000 people in attendance, the fest saw a rich mix of investors, journalists, influencers, brands, entrepreneurs, and startup enthusiasts. Needless to say, TechDay NY was a great platform for networking and forging new, meaningful connections for the collective evolution of the startup ecosystem.

Startup League couldn’t be more excited to be at this event – the energy, the enthusiasm and the vibrancy all around was contagious! In addition, the event was a fantastic opportunity for startup exhibitors, sponsors and partners associated with the event to get exposure to a huge, relevant audience.

If you were at TechDay NY, you already know what we are talking about. In case you missed this awesome opportunity, here are 5 key takeaways from TechDay NY that you should make note of:  

Provides a great place to network

Networking was at the core of this event; in fact, the show kicked off with a networking event for all participants. It was hosted by Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, the premier provider of legal services to technology, life sciences, and growth enterprises worldwide. It was a relaxed event, providing a wonderful opportunity for all entrepreneurs, investors, sponsors, partners and other attendees to connect with each other and exchange ideas in a casual and fun-filled manner. We felt it was the perfect ice breaker and set the stage for main event.

Requires high energy

To be able to make the most of this action-packed one-day event, the participants needed all the energy they could muster! We didn’t have even a minute to spare as we didn’t want to miss out on interacting with all the dynamic people out there. Yes, we did load up on Red Bulls and lots of coffee, but we were on our feet and talking non-stop. And yes, it was TOTALLY worth it. We got to meet a lot of inspiring people and interesting startups.

Offers an impressive platform for exhibiting startups

What made TechDay NY exciting for startups was the fact that it had two live demo stages and an audience filled with tech influencers and members of the startup-ecosystem. A lot of innovative startups showcased their products to an enthusiastic live audience, leading the way for active engagement with all present. One of the startups that made the most of this demo-opportunity was dataprocorp.tech, a business process outsource company based in Lexington, Massachusetts. Along with the demos, the startups also got to be part of lot of fireside chats by industry leaders.

Boris Eibelman of dataprocorp.tech with Startup League at TechDay NY
Boris Eibelman of dataprocorp.tech with Startup League at TechDay NY

Creates a hellota excitement

Yes, yes – the producers of ABC’s Shark Tank were at TechDay NY this year too! They held open casting calls for all startups seeking a chance to be on the show and pitch to the Sharks. It’s not surprising that many entrepreneurs were lined up for almost an entire day; so much so that the producers decided to extend their stay so they could hear each one of them.

Brings the most awesome speakers

As part of TechDay Access, the event got on board some of the world’s most esteemed founders to share their wisdom via AMA style sessions. Executives from WeWork, Yahoo, Peloton and 30 others took the stage and presented actionable advice from their experience. The audience loved the burst of knowledge presented to them in chunks of direct, meaningful information. This gave everyone a chance to gain comprehensive startup knowledge, and a great learning opportunity from the most experienced industry stalwarts.

All-in-all, TechDay NY was a lively and thrilling experience for anyone who was there! Lots of learning, lots of networking, lots of excitement and lots of fun – all packed into one is what made TechDay NY an event so special for the startup community.

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