naked Hub: Leading the way for coworking spaces in Hong Kong

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Coworking spaces make for a brilliant workplace solution for startups and up and coming entrepreneurs that are looking to kickstart their business. Apart from being a cost-effective workplace solution, coworking spaces generously contribute towards building the startup ecosystem with a plethora of valuable services.

We spoke with Deborah Negrash, GM of naked Hub, a leading coworking space from Hong Kong, to understand how coworking spaces are empowering startups to build their business and find success.

Deborah Negrash, GM of naked Hub.

What inspired you to start naked Hub? Tell us the story.

naked Hub was started by Husband and Wife duo Grant Horsfield and Delphine Yip-Horsfield. Their vision was to offer everyone a dedicated workspace in a coworking environment across multiple locations in multiple cities around the world.

The vision was also included sharing space, sharing ideas, and sharing resources and knowledge to create endless possibilities. Our motivation for naked Hub was spurred on by the way we live and how that has changed over the years.

How does naked Hub enhance everyday lifestyle experiences for startups?

Unlike other coworking spaces, our mantra is to help Hubbers become more successful. We facilitate this through our differentiators (design, technology, community, hospitality) that we facilitate that.

We have a dedicated in-house design team of over 50 people working on constantly localizing the Hubs and ensuring innovation at every point.

Our growing tech and innovation team of over 50 people have developed the naked Hub App that connects Hubbers across Asia Pacific and solves their business requirements.

The coworking community has been one of our greatest strengths in China. This is where Hubbers genuinely interact and do business with one another. We have hired a pool of talent in Hong Kong that is fostering the same spirit and making meaningful connections between Hubbers as well as creating events that inspire learning and collaboration.

Hospitality is in our DNA. We are a 10-year-old company that has roots in hotels and offering services of the highest level. This culture is infused into the Hubs by our local teams.

Every market will have unique opportunities, and at naked Hub, we embrace the differences. By partnering with strong local players who have deep insights into these markets, we can approach our operations with knowledge, intel, and authenticity.

Could you share 5 reasons why coworking spaces are great for empowering startups to grow?

Coworking spaces provide every opportunity for a startup to succeed.

  • Startups can have an office at a rate of HK$2500 a month with complete flexible lease terms.
  • Startups access to work from multiple locations.
  • Startups can focus on their business and let the naked team take care of their workplace requirements and needs.
  • Startups have access to a community where they can engage with every department – from accounting, to payroll, to HR, to graphic design, to PR to Marketing, to digital services as well as funding, accelerator/incubator programs, not to mention education courses to upskill.
  • Startups are provided with the naked Hub app to post their business requirements which will then be solved by a team of experts as well as the larger global community of members.

Coworking Office Space and Community | naked Hub

Flexible, convenient, affordable coworking office space and community - check out what naked Hub can do for your start-up, small company or MNC.

What should startups keep in mind when choosing a coworking space?

  1. Choose an operator that meets your needs (be it price, connectivity, flexibility, location, Amenities, community)
  2. Be transparent about your budget and business needs so we can help you along your journey. Our mission is to help, not constrain members.
  3. Engage with the online and offline community. Visit events, engage with the app, and get to know your community team.
  4. Try things that you previously wouldn’t have. For example, our complimentary wellness classes that include meditation, yoga, as well as laughter workshops.
  5. Use all the locations. Move around and engage with other Hub communities within your city as well as other countries.

What are the trends you foresee in the coworking space business in Hong Kong?  

We are seeing that scale and global connectivity is necessary for the success of the workplace industry and the coworking community. Shared spaces create and unlock possibilities, so we need a larger playing field to realize this potential.

What are your future plans for naked Hub?

We have just joined forces with WeWork, the largest global player in this space. Now, the world is our oyster.

naked Hub is a leading coworking space from Hong Kong that has partnered with the Startup League, a growing global community of startups looking to leverage worldwide events and tech fests to get exposure to investors, partnerships, influencers, and media.


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