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There’s no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is a technological marvel in its own and is here to stay. Businesses across various domains use Artificial Intelligence in varied capacities to stay one step ahead of the competition. Xaltius.tech uses the latest machine and deep learning technologies to give your business the technological edge to be one step ahead.

We with the founders of Xaltius.tech to understand how Artificial Intelligence is slated to transform human lives for the better. Being a student startup, the founders of Xaltius share insights into how student entrepreneurs can make the most of incubator programs

What inspired you to start Xaltius? Tell us the story.

Coming from a data science and business background, we started tinkering with various technologies and began studying the market to figure out a way to bring change. We were granted the opportunity to participate in an education technology hackathon in 2017, which we won.

Post this, the NUS Incubator, NUS Enterprise approached us to join them and to continue building our solution. Not wanting to miss such an amazing opportunity, we took it up and that’s when Xaltius was born.

artificial intelligence
A M Aditya, Co-founder at Xaltius
artificial intelligence
Pranjal Dubey, Co-founder at Xaltius
artificial intelligence
Desmond Sek, Co-founder at Xaltius.

Give us an overview of Xaltius’s products.

Xaltius mainly focusses on three areas – products, services, and training. Our product line hosts applications that are mainly targeted towards improving customer experience. Our current focus is across two domains: tourism and manufacturing.

Our tourism solution allows users to enjoy a seamless travel experience. On the manufacturing side, our knowledge management solutions work towards providing either information via searches and chatbots or quick troubleshooting solutions to fix defects.

Our solutions can work across other domains as well. For instance, they can be deployed in a marine or healthcare scenario. All our products use artificial intelligence and the cloud to bring about that extra bit of intelligence and robustness to help our customers have an amazing user experience,

On our services and training side, we specifically deal with data science and artificial intelligence based projects and workshops to help various customers around the globe.

Could you give us a glimpse into how is Artificial Intelligence slated to transform human lives in the coming future?

Artificial intelligence is definitely progressing at a pace today that no one could have imagined a decade ago. AI is set to change the human experience, be it through robotics or voice-based technologies or vision advancements. And this will help humans make well-informed decisions.

That being said, artificial intelligence, in our opinion is set to redesign and not replace. Yes, a few of the monotonous tasks would be replaced by AI, but it still is not intelligent enough to take over humans, at least not in the next decade or so.

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Share with us your experience at NUS’s incubator program. 

NUS’s incubator program is one of the best in Singapore, to say the least. Similar to how they picked us up through a hackathon event, their reach for budding talent is tremendous and they always look towards supporting the cream of rising entrepreneurs.

Our experience with them has been amazing so far, be it in terms of infrastructure support or business advice. Our journey with them has been tremendous and they have been wonderful in their support towards us.

Young entrepreneurs and student startups have amazing opportunities with such support programs today as these programs offer guidance, support and a platform to grow.

What are your future plans for Xaltius?

For one, our plan over the next year is to expand our portfolio of products in the AR and VR sector. We also hope to grow Xaltius in the services and training sector across other countries over the next couple of years. We believe that data science and AI needs to reach the masses and is the way forward.

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