Brain2bot.Tech: Using Neuroscience to Make AI Smarter

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) is all about recreating human-like senses, intelligence, and emotions in lifeless objects. As revolutionary and successful as AI has been, Brain2Bot.Tech is adding a nifty layer of intelligence using neuroscience. We speak with Gunnar Newquist, CEO at Brain2Bot to understand how neuroscience propels AI to shape a bold new future. Read on!

Gunnar Newquist, CEO at Brain2Bot

What inspired you to start 

I was working on my Ph.D. in neuroscience and I realized that the brain theory was outdated. Studying real brains are far more interesting than the theory implied. This disconnect between theory and experiment bothered me.

What was most upsetting was that I was seeing the brain myths being applied to artificial intelligence. AI wasn’t emulating real brains; it was building something else entirely. I realized that I could use what I knew about the brain and create a new form of AI through biomimicry. I decided that it was my duty as a neuroscientist to put this field back on track.

How can neuroscience help propel Artificial Intelligence forward?

The only way we will be able to build AI that can do the things that humans can do is through understanding the brain. We won’t just magically invent something that is like human intelligence without understanding ourselves first.

However, to understand the human brain, we must first understand simpler brains because the human brain is still very inaccessible. Instead, the principles of intelligence can be reverse engineered from a bottom-up approach.

How are you creating natural intelligence for artificial beings?

We are replacing data-intensive machine learning and deep learning with real brain-like architecture. This approach gives the intuition and emotion of a real living being. The intelligence of natural organisms injected into artificial brains.


Tell us about the world’s first biological learning algorithm. How are you using it?  

A biological learning algorithm that describes how animals learn doesn’t exist (partially because of the aforementioned myths).  So we created an algorithm that takes into account several levels of brain organization – from molecules to circuits to behavior.

Our biological learning algorithm isn’t just predictive; it is empathetic as well. Imagine playing a game using our AI. Instead of just beating you, our AI could gloat or sympathize, depending on the personality type of the robot!

How did Momenta come into play? Tell us more about that.

Momenta is an interactive digital artwork. Momenta was created for AIShowBiz, a conference at the junction of Hollywood and artificial intelligence. We created Momenta as a synthetic brain with learning and emotional systems modeled after human biological learning and emotional systems.

Brain2Bot’s natural intelligence software gives the Momenta the ability to learn directly from her experience. She develops her own internal emotional systems and creates a unique personality. Momenta is a look into the future where mere pre-programmed robots transition to synthetic emotional beings that are like family members.  

What are your future plans for

We wish to bring your devices into your social network. Currently, we’ve worked on the task of building charismatic companions, such as a favorite pet. As the technology matures, an artificial companion can become your confidant and even your co-pilot through life!  

What steps are you taking to develop a unique online brand?

We are spreading the viral message of #AIforGood as we build the world’s first AI with heart and soul. We brought on a former PR manager for Westin Hotels and Resorts, Molly Lavik, to our Board of Directors to help in this endeavor.

Additionally, we are working with strategic alliance partners such as large toy companies who have similar missions of spreading good throughout the world. A robot with heart and soul won’t destroy the world because that would make it feel bad! We are also planning a large publicity stunt. Just wait until Collision 2019!

Brain2Bot.Tech will be exhibiting at Collision 2018 with a 100% sponsorship from the Startup League, a growing global community of startups looking to leverage worldwide events and tech fests to get exposure to investors, partnerships, influencers, and media.


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