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What if you could reach your customer just when they really need you? Bubbl.tech is making that possible with its ‘in-the-moment’ customer engagement platform that functions on data-driven creativity. Excited to know more? Read this quick interview with Natalia Bochenska, Marketing Manager, Bubbl.TECH.

Tell us about Bubbl.

Bubbl’s geolocation plugin is a technology that supercharges existing mobile apps to help brands fully utilize the power of mobile. It empowers brands to transform their marketing communication campaigns into contextual, effective and cutting-edge customer engagement messages that are relevant to where the customers are and what they are doing.

How does the app work?

Some of the ways in which Bubbl can help its clients are:

  • A hotel might use push and pull messaging to inform guests in the hotel about a last-minute restaurant or beauty treatment availability and take a booking.
  • A hotel booking app can use survey functionality to gauge immediate feedback from guests as they leave the hotel.
  • A destination app (e.g. a Bath or Paris tourism app) can use location-triggered video, audio or image notifications to promote tourist attractions.
  • A music event app can send location-relevant e-commerce links to sell merchandise or run a ‘go backstage’ competition with the crowd.
  • Bars can send audio samples to increase footfall at a last-minute gig.

Of course, the potential of the technology goes well beyond travel and hospitality sector and includes music and sport events, retail, banking, education and many more.

How important is customer engagement for businesses today, and how does your app deliver to drive the best?

In the era of ad and marketing overload, engaging with customers is crucial to retain the relationships and build loyalty. It’s so easy for customers to swap brands and buy products impulsively, based on the price or how they feel at the moment. We have explained this in detail in a blog post.

(…) In order for mobile marketing to work its wonders, you need context. You need relevance. You need to get physically as close to your customers as possible. And the closer you can get, the more conversion you can create, the stronger brand loyalty you can build and the higher engagement rates you can achieve.

And this is why geolocation is so effective. Yes, it’s not a mass market marketing solution, but the reality is – mobile requires something much more personal than that. Getting brand communication via a mobile phone is so much more intimate than via PC or a laptop. Or than walking past the ad on the bus stop. (…).

With Bubbl, brands can hyper focus their customer engagement campaigns by location and time; providing snackable, engaging and the most relevant content when customers want and need it the most, that is, when they’re in close proximity to a certain venue or a street, ready to act upon brand’s marketing efforts.

You were at TravelTechEurope earlier this year, tell us about your experience!

The experience was fantastic! We won a free stand as part of the Launchpad competition for the most innovative travel tech start-up, and received Startup League’s support to pay for some additional costs. Thanks to that, we could expose our technology to hundreds of potential customers at one of the largest travel shows in Europe! The results were far better than we could have imagined. We met some of our investors at the show and gained many leads. The show was a tremendous success for us! What’s more, we’ve already booked to exhibit next year as well.


How has the entrepreneurial journey been so far?

It’s been a true rollercoaster ride, as with every start-up! What keeps us sane is our dedicated team! Each of our team members is a real superstar. Our growth has taken off, thanks to all the positive interest in the product. We’re now trialing the technology with many high-level clients and really beginning to make a meaningful impact on the travel industry. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds!

What do the future plans look like for Bubbl?

We’re looking to expand geographically once Bubbl is established in the UK, as our trial inquiries come from around the world. Australia has shown a huge demand for geolocation services. We’re also working on adding many exciting features to the Bubbl platform and have some fantastic plans in place to make Bubbl even better – for both brands and their app users. Can’t share the details yet but stay tuned – we’ll be making our product updates on @bubbl and our blog: www.bubbl.tech/news.

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