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If you’re an entrepreneur who is hustling your way to the top, you’d agree that having constructive help goes a long way and is always much appreciated. Did you know that coworking spaces can help your business to grow and make it a success? EV Hive is a leading coworking space in Indonesia that supports startups and SME’s with much more than just an affordable workspace.

We spoke with Carlson Lau, CEO at EV Hive, to understand how coworking spaces have evolved and the benefits associated with becoming a member of a startup-centric coworking space such as EV Hive. Read on!

Carlson Lau
Carlson Lau

What inspired you to start EV Hive? Tell us the story.

Indonesia hosts one of the largest numbers of SMEs, and we know it is very difficult for these companies to access good, affordable services and working spaces.

EV Hive was founded with the mission to support the growing startup ecosystem and the rising number of SMEs in Indonesia.

What makes EV Hive unique from other coworking spaces in Indonesia? Tell us about the benefits and perks on offer for members?  

  • EV Hive hosts the largest network of entrepreneurs and coworking spaces in Indonesia. Today, we have more than 3,000 members across our 21 locations in Indonesia (20 in Jakarta, 1 in Medan) and we’re rapidly expanding to other Indonesian cities this year.
  • Our members have a global access to all of our spaces and facilities.
  • Beyond working spaces, however, our members also gain access to a wide pool of resources that are key to starting and growing their businesses – financial, corporate and lifestyle services, and more importantly connectivity with other entrepreneurs, business partners, regulators and potential customers.
  • We have a very strong business focus in our community, and have enabled several startups to receive funding via our network

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Could you share with us examples of how coworking spaces have evolved beyond startups? 

Services such as affordable workspace, corporate services to kickstart their businesses and more importantly a strong supportive network of entrepreneurs have started to find wider appeal among SMEs and even corporates.

Coworking has evolved beyond spaces to promulgate a rich sharing culture which non-tech businesses have started to tap into by co-locating a part or even all their staff in coworking spaces.

How are coworking spaces helping student entrepreneurs and programmers to thrive and grow?

Our platform provides affordable access to workspaces, workshops, and a network of entrepreneurs and mentors. By connecting with our community, our student entrepreneurs and developers have found co-founders, upgraded their skill sets, and have gotten inspired and in turn, inspired other fellow entrepreneurs.

Share with us your top 5 benefits of coworking spaces to startups, early-stage businesses, and student entrepreneurs. 

The key to our business is providing access for our members:

  • Community – access a supportive network of like-minded go-getters and entrepreneurs.
  • Workspace – access affordable, ergonomic, inspiring, and well-managed workspaces.
  • Services – access corporate, financial and lifestyle services to help businesses grow.
  • Classes – access courses on basic business fundamentals to advanced workshops designed to help upgrade skill sets.
  • Marketing – access to media and potential customers through our platform

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How are coworking spaces contributing towards nurturing the startup ecosystem in Indonesia? 

Coworking spaces such as us provide a strong supportive ecosystem for startups by lowering the costs for them to do business, providing them with access to ancillary services, and connecting them with valuable connections to potential business partners, regulators, and customers.

What are your future plans for EV Hive?

We continue to work hard to serve our entrepreneur community by:

  • Expanding the depth and breadth of financial, corporate and lifestyle services that we have on offer
  • Building additional community centers across Indonesia
  • Actively connect our members with one another to foster a strong and supportive culture of collaboration.

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