5 Reasons to Use New Domain Extensions for Your Startup

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Naming your startup is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make along your entrepreneurial journey. Your startup name is something you will carry for a very long time. Most startup founders plan their brand name depending on the availability of an exact match on conventional domain extensions such as .com or .net.

Branding best practices suggest aligning your website name or domain name with your brand name. However, with over a billion websites floating in cyberspace, the chances of finding an exact match name on conventional domain extensions are bleak. And if you do happen to find the name of your choice to be available, it will surely cost you a trouser-troubling amount of moolah.

Branding best practices also indicate not picking a complicated or less worthy name just to find an exact match name on traditional domain extensions. So, how do you beat this name-game muddle? Fortunately, today, there are hundreds of new domain extensions that make for short, crisp, and smart website URLs.

You can simply opt for a relevant nTLD (new generic top-level domain name) that will not only add value to your business but also define who you are and what you do. With a plethora of new domains now available, you really are spoilt for choice! Numerous startups and seasoned businesses are using new domain extensions to build strong brands so as not to compromise on their name choices.

In this post, we will highlight some of the most promising new domain extensions that you can use to denote your future-focused startup’s web address. We will also cover the advantages of using new domain extensions.

What are some of the most promising new domain extensions?

All Things .TECH

Nothing says you’re in tech better than a super-slick .tech domain extension. As a domain extension that is descriptive and intuitive, .tech makes for the perfect online identity for your tech startup. For example:

  • LewisTalks.Tech
  • SharpCode.Tech

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Build a .STORE

If you’re in the business of selling online or plan to start a full-fledged eCommerce website, then .STORE is for you. .STORE unambiguously resonates with the concept of selling online and is sure to strike a chord with people looking to shop online. Here’s how you can use a .store domain extension:

  • TheLondon.Store
  • PremiumWear.Store

Take it .Online

As a word that is universally understood, .ONLINE is a domain extension that offers tremendous branding potential as it adds a distinct sense of flair and panache. The word ‘online’ is widely used as a suffix keyword across web searches when searching for businesses. Here are some examples of how you can use .Online:

  • DelhiBakers.Online
  • LetsDoodle.Online

Have Some .FUN

From food to shopping, travel to entertainment, we’re always looking for something fun. A .FUN domain extension adds mass appeal and a sense of warmth and light-heartedness to your business. .FUN brings with it a strong sense of simplicity and affinity that can play wonders to attract web browsers to your website. Here are some .fun ideas:

  • DancingIs.Fun
  • Partyfor.Fun

Make Some .SPACE

If you’re a bold startup, an emerging music artist, a contemporary designer, a co-working space provider, a swanky aerospace brand, a charismatic actor or simply an enthusiastic blogger, then .SPACE is for you! A .SPACE website hits a desirable sweet spot that prompts interest and intrigue when you share it with someone. Here’s how you can make some .SPACE:

  • BoldWork.Space
  • Mountaineer.Space

Push to .Press

.PRESS is a journalism and news industry-specific domain extension and is perfect for your digital journalism endeavors. Its semantic relevance with the ‘press industry’ makes this domain extension ideal for journalists, news corporations, publishers and media professionals. Here’s how you can use .PRESS:

  • TheTruth.Press
  • LocalLondon.Press

What's the difference between domain name, website and web hosting?

What's a Website? Now that you have a domain name, you're going to need a website. If you're not familiar with what a website is, it's basically a page or a series of related pages that loads up after you type in a domain name in the internet browser.

What are the advantages of using new domain extensions


The chances of www.yourcompanyname.tech being available are very high. For instance, www.cloudcoder.com is taken, but www.cloudcoder.tech is available. .tech is a super relevant domain extension for the technology industry that is available. .tech is short, definitive, easy to remember and neatly describes what you do and what your business is about.


Finding a three or four-letter word on conventional domains is like searching for water in the Sahara. However, if you do find a short and meaningful name on .com; be prepared to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars. On the flipside, a meaningful word or phrase on new domain extensions will cost you only a couple of hundred dollars.


New domain extensions are definitive as they offer a strong sense of context and meaning. Domain extensions such as .tech, and .store are super relevant to their respective industries and they clearly imply what to expect even before you land on the website. A short name that is easy to type and easy to pronounce makes for a memorable online persona.


Unlike popular belief, new domain extensions do not have a negative impact on a website’s SEO ranking on search engines. Even Google has addressed how they treat new TLDs (top-level domains). A domain name rich in keywords can help attract relevant backlinks that can in-turn help a website to rank higher on search engines.

For instance, www.ParisFashion.store will draw backlinks on the anchor text ‘Paris Fashion Store’ from reputed websites. This will enable search engines to gauge your website’s relevance for those keywords. Therefore, a keyword-rich name on new domain extensions can, in fact, help boost a website’s SEO.

How do New Domains impact SEO?

New domains and SEO. What is the connection between the two? nTLDs offer a great opportunity for businesses and individuals to get a domain name that they desire. Find out what users have to say about the impact of new domains and SEO.


Easy availability and affordable prices mean that you no longer have to choose a long or awkward or grammatically incorrect brand name. Since your domain extension clearly highlights what your startup does, you can get smart with your name ideas and pick something snappy and slick.

Picking a meaningful name that is short and memorable not only helps to build a striking brand name but in the era of voice search, it makes your brand easily accessible to a larger audience.

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