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“We really loved to be at TNW Conference and to let people know about us”, shares Marta Lebrón Gaset, Communications and Social Networks Manager at Zero2Infinity.SPACE, a start-up that is on a mission to elevate our planetary consciousness by providing elevating experiences.

Tell us about Zero 2 Infinity – the technology and how you got the idea to work on it.

Jose Mariano Lopez-Urdiales, our founder, and CEO, was inspired by his constant exposure to rockets, balloons and space exploration projects that his father was part of. In 2009, he decided to create his own company in this field. At Zero 2 Infinity, we are simplifying the access to space, thanks to stratospheric balloons. Currently, our main business is to elevate payloads to the Edge of Space for a variety of purposes, including scientific, educational, commercial and communications projects.

We also have two more big projects in development:

  • Bloostar, a dedicated small satellite launcher to put satellites in Low Earth Orbit on demand. Bloostar goes past 99% of the atmosphere with a balloon and is then ignited and propelled to orbit.
  • Bloon is our pod for space tourism. It also uses a balloon to fly to 36 km of altitude and gives its passengers spectacular views of the earth and the blackness of the space.
Bloon, Zero2Infinity's pod for Space Tourism
Bloon, Zero2Infinity's pod for Space Tourism

How has the journey been so far, 8 years in after your launch in 2009?

Like all journeys, it has not always been easy! However, we have a motivated, creative and efficient team that is capable of achieving all the goals we set our mind to.

What have been your biggest challenges and successes?

We’d say finding investment can sometimes be a challenge but we’re happy to see that people are interested in us and trust us enough.

At Zero2Infinity life has been full of small successes every day. One success that we remember fondly is when we launched our first rocket from the Edge of Space in March 2017. The engineering team traveled to the south of Spain, and from a vessel, they launched the balloon with the Bloostar prototype that was ignited at 25 km of altitude. We’re happy to share that it was a successful mission and we accomplished everything that we set out to achieve with that launch.

What’s your advice to entrepreneurs just starting out in this space?

Never settle! Keep working on what you believe in and be creative in everything you do!

Bloostar, Zero2Infinity's dedicated small satellite launcher to put satellites in Low Earth Orbit on demand.
Bloostar, Zero2Infinity's dedicated small satellite launcher to put satellites in Low Earth Orbit on demand.

You were recently at the TNW Conference in Amsterdam. How was that experience?

We really loved to be at TNW Conference and to let people know about us. We also loved to know that there are so many people out there who are so passionate about innovation and technology!

What has been a unique feedback you have received about your domain namewww.zero2infinity.space?

Usually, people love it! They say, “it’s cool!”. We personally like it very much as it specifies where our mind is set!

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