5 Winning Tips For FinTech Startups Looking to Grow and Scale

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Accelerator programs make for the most promising catalysts that help startups grow and accomplish dizzying heights of success. SuperCharger is an accelerator program on a mission to find, train, and scale the next-generation of changemakers and innovation drivers. The Hong Kong-based accelerator has expanded operations to Malaysia and is especially famous among the community of FinTech startups.

We spoke with Janos Barberis, Founder at SuperCharger, to get a better understanding of what makes SuperCharger unique and different from other accelerators. Janos also shares his 5 top tips with FinTech Startups that are hustling to establish themselves. Read on!

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Janos Barberis

What inspired you to start SuperCharger? Tell us the story.

I graduated just after the financial crisis. This was a bad time for the economy, society and job market. I was determined to prove that I can drive change in the world of finance.

When I started building a bank in the UK, and an accelerator in Asia, I realized that the youth should be the change makers and not just a part of the finance industry. And so, we did, with SuperCharger.

How does SuperCharger help FinTech startups?

We typically work with mature companies that already have a viable product that fits well in the market. Therefore, our focus is to scale their client base and expand their business into new geographies. However, there are times where we suggest a company to pivot and make certain changes.

What makes SuperCharger unique and different?

We differentiate in how we deliver results. We benchmark our impact within 12 weeks – by that standard, we are the best accelerator for start-ups wishing to close a B2B deal. Instead of taking 12 months we do it in 12 weeks. Period.

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What are your top 5 tips for FinTech startups?   

Here are my top 5 tips with FinTech Startups that are hustling to set up their business:

  • Know today who you will hire tomorrow. This is because talent gap will be the biggest constraint when scaling.
  • Whatever deadline you have to close a deal, multiply it by 50%. Because start-ups move fast, corporates don’t.
  • Spend time with your client. If they have an open innovation lab, ask if you can use a hot desk to build personal relations.
  • Focus on building traction. Nothing beats traction when it comes to back to back success, therefore, plan how you communicate your progress with prospects.
  • Never settle. Keep improving your product, increasing your revenue, and building your team. Things can go away quickly if you stop growing and innovating.

Give us an insight into Asia’s startup ecosystem and trends or predictions.

Asia’s eco-system had a slower start than the US & Europe. However, the start-ups in Asia now have matured to create proposition on par with their western counterparts.

As a trend, start-ups in Asia should focus on tech companies looking to finance themselves. Aim to function and achieve the same scale as banks but with better tech.

What are your future plans for SuperCharger?  

We are working to expand our ecosystem to be as inclusive and scalable as possible. Beyond corporate innovation, we work closely with universities. For example, with The University of Hong Kong, we launched Asia’s first Massive Online Open Course, within the first month we passed 15,000 registrations! We hope to do the same in Malaysia.

SuperCharger is a leading startup accelerator from Hong Kong that has partnered with the Startup League, a growing global community of startups looking to leverage worldwide events and tech fests to get exposure to investors, partnerships, influencers, and media.


For details, visit www.startupleague.online or write to leaguesupport@radix.email.

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