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Hong Kong's Startup Ecosystem

We were recently in Hong Kong and for a good reason! The Startup League was part of RISE Conference with 11 innovative startups from various industries and geographies. RISE, organized by the team behind Web Summit, is a 3-day mega conference that hosts hundreds of startups, investors, media houses, and speakers.   

Hong Kong, with a population of over 7.3 million, is a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China. The SAR status empowers HK to enjoy its own currency, as well as legal, economic and political policies. A free economy, with stimulants like low taxation and almost free port trade, makes Hong Kong a great hub for startup growth. In fact, Hong Kong is amongst the top 5 fastest growing startup ecosystems worldwide.

In this post, let’s look at the catalysts that drive Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem: 


  • WHubHK pushes startups to the next level by offering a platform for creating meaningful connections. It is a community driven to mentor startups by building synergy, acquiring talent and sourcing investors. WHub lets startups share their company mission, products, and current job openings to attract meaningful resources.


  • StartmeupHK, launched by InvestHK, is a one-stop portal for the startup community in Hong Kong and is aimed at propelling the development of Hong Kong’s vibrant startup ecosystem. It is also a platform for local and overseas startups to share their success stories, thus making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurship and innovation.


  • StartupsHK, founded in 2009, is one of Hong Kong’s leading startup community organizer. They usher conferences, events, and workshops by connecting investors, entrepreneurs, and media. Their goal is to make Hong Kong the largest entrepreneurial hub in Asia.


  • EntrepreneurHK, founded by Billy Yuen in 2012, is a non-profit organization that works in tandem with the Hong Kong government and the startup leaders to enhance the startup ecosystem in Hong Kong. It has recently expanded to become a leading news platform for startups and has partnered with various leading startup news organizations.


  • Cyberport is a digital community, owned by the Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company, which is owned by the Hong Kong SAR government. With a vision to develop the digital tech industry in Hong Kong, they support startups via an incubation program. This program primarily consists of a support package of HKD 330,000 for 24 months and a range of other professional services to build a sound startup ecosystem in Hong Kong.


  • HKSTP (Hong Kong Science and Technology Park) is a statutory body that focusses on developing Hong Kong into an Asian hub for technology and innovation. The program encompasses a series of initiatives ranging from technology and social innovation to youth training and start-up incubation.


  • The Mills Fabrica, announced in 2014 by Nan Fung Group, is a leading business incubator for brands and tech startups. Fabrica is determined to establish Hong Kong as an ecosystem of innovation, fashion, and technology. It is a platform that connects tech startups with business opportunities through networking, media reach outs and events.


  • EYE (Empowering Young Entrepreneurs) is an initiative by Google in partnership with The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Their focus is on empowering young entrepreneurs in Hong Kong through a 6-month mentorship program, a sponsored trip to Google’s Mountain View HQ and assistance to young entrepreneurs to overcome startup costs.


  • Brinc, a Hong Kong based accelerator for hardware and IoT oriented startups, offers a wide range of tailor made programs and services. From the initial ideation stage to prototype development to customer validation to manufacturing support, they provide a service backend and an investment fund for hardware startups.


  • SuperCharger is one of Asia’s leading FinTech accelerators with an aim to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. They enable access to the Hong Kong market for global startups who wish to enter the Asian business space. They help established business outfits to scale up and assist startups to raise seed capital.


  • FinTech Innovation Lab, sponsored by Accenture and the Partnership Fund for New York City, is a competitive 12-week program held every summer. They have expanded to Hong Kong in a bid to enter the Asia Pacific market space. This is an opportunity for companies to test their technology products with participating financial services firms. Additionally, they receive mentorship from the Lab’s network of industrialists and an opportunity to participate in relevant leadership programs.


  • Amplifi Paperclip is a tie up between Mumbai based Amplify SaaS accelerator and Hong Kong based co-working space provider, Paperclip. The aim is to provide a holistic solution to the Asian startup ecosystem that includes mentor sessions, infrastructure, potential customers, investors, partners and other such invaluable resources. This collaboration is backed by Cyberport and InvestHK. Through this program, Indian startups have better access to the Hong Kong market space and vice versa.


  • Wearable IoT World Labs is a leading IoT accelerator based in San Francisco focusing on Wearable technology and Internet of Things (IoT). The focus is to help startups build a sustainable product and attract investments by creating a sound company. The six-week program in Hong Kong focuses on providing entrepreneurs and startups with vital education and first-hand expertise on the APAC market space. Guidance on fundraising, financial technologies (FinTech) and building smart cities is also provided.   

The contribution of these and many other startup communities, accelerators, incubators, events, and conferences have helped Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem thrive with success stories.

The Startup League has tied up with many similar partner communities, incubators and accelerators to extend its RISE 2017 sponsorship to deserving startups. If you are a startup that desires marketing support, or a startup community looking to partner with us, write to [email protected]

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