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We’re inching towards the most exciting time of the year in the world of technology and innovation. Yes, Web Summit 2018 is only a few weeks away and the Startup League is super excited to be at the largest tech conference. After a successful road trip across Europe, the Startup League’s #Leagueof100 campaign is giving 10 Startups a chance to gain full sponsorship for their ALPHA booth along with customized goodies, a PR push on leading marketing platforms, and unparalleled marketing support. Not just that, all other startups stand to gain a 25% sponsorship on their ALPHA package. We just can’t wait to get the party started!

Just like every year, the 2018 edition of Web Summit will also see some supremely innovative startups and businesses take to the PITCH competition and do their best to woo investors and attract customers.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 industries that we reckon will take Web Summit by storm this year:

1. Artificial Intelligence

The AI space is growing by leaps and bounds with every passing year. Web Summit 2018 will be packed with startups offering innovative new AI solutions to streamline existing functions and issues. Last year, among the 50+ startups that the Startup League sponsored at Web Summit, a sizable chunk comprised of AI-based startups.

This year, Web Summit will surely witness AI solutions and applications rise to the next level.

2. FinTech

Another tech space that is growing at a swift pace is FinTech. With transactions getting faster and more seamless, growth in FinTech is primarily attributed to the fact that entrepreneurs and CEOs are all interested. FinTech has the power to change the way we transact and do business.

Web Summit 2017 saw some seriously brilliant FinTech startups including, a consumer lending platform, steal the show with their ingenuity. It wouldn’t be surprising to see FintTech startups bring their A game to the Web Summit this year as well.

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3. AutoTech

Tesla revolutionized propulsion technology with their long-range all-electric vehicles and futuristic technologies. AutoTech is redefining the auto world has since then changed drastically with driverless technologies being developed by almost all leading car companies and hybrid power becoming a thing of the present rather than a distant future.

This sudden surge in startups in the AutoTech space has led to OEMs developing their own startup incubating programs. GM Ventures, BMW Start-up Garage, and Jaguar-Land Rover Tech Incubator become venture partners or investors and join hands with interesting start-ups. Web Summit 2018 will surely include promising startups from this space.

At Web Summit’s AutoTech, you’ll be introduced to four curated content streams that explore the trends influencing the future of transport. Some of the chief speakers in this segment include Marek Reichman, the creative force behind Aston Martin, Grazia Vittadini, the CTO of Airbus, Markus Villig, founder and CEO of Taxify, Rimac‘s founder, Mate Rimac, and Remo Gerber, the CCO of Lilium.

4. Environment and CleanTech

Saving the environment and preserving nature has become a priority for many nations. This has transcended among new businesses as several startups are using technology to provide optimal solutions to environmental problems. The Startup League supported, a UK based biotechnology startup that creates tech products to help curb environmental loss due to climate change, at Web Summit 2017.

Another startup that the League supported at last year’s Web Summit was The Portugal-based startup converts energy harvested from vehicles into electrical energy, at a very high-efficiency, thereby recycling wasted energy into clean electrical energy. CleanTech is a space that is growing really fast and one that has tremendous potential.

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5. Gaming & Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR took the world by storm a few years ago but they are at the peak of their potential now. With Apple introducing amazing AR capabilities in their latest operating system and Samsung supporting VR Gear, this year will see several breakthrough AR and VR startups take things up a notch.

The gaming industry has been scaling new heights year after year and the introduction of AR/VR solutions has made gaming all the more intuitive and engaging. This makes Augmented reality and Virtual Reality based startups one of our favorites to look out for at Web Summit.

The Startup League is headed to Web Summit 2018. If your startup has what it takes to stand out from the competition, then apply now and win a chance to exhibit at Web Summit for free!

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