A Beginner’s Guide to Winning at Web Summit 2018

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One of the most high-profile technology events for business people around the world, Web Summit can feel a bit overwhelming to a beginner. But it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we’ve put down quick and simple actionable tips that you can use to be the best version of yourself and create meaningful connections at the conference.

1. Perfect your pitch: You’ll be speaking to a lot of people. So, have one clear message that you want them to remember about you. Highlight your USP and be relaxed and casual. People tend to remember fun banter over facts.

2. Wear comfortable footwear: Web Summit is a big event. So, whatever you are imagining, double it! The venue is huge so make sure you wear comfortable shoes cause you’ll be doing a lot of walking.

3. Have an agenda: Considering how big the event is, it’ll help to outline what talks you want to attend and booths you want to visit. Get the Web Summit app to help you manage your schedule. The app has a fantastic map of the venue that will make it easier to move between talks.

4. Carry your chargers: It’s always a wise decision to have at least one backup portable charger or spare battery. For those traveling from outside Europe, don’t forget to carry adaptors.

5. Spare time to network: Where possible, arrange short meetings with fellow attendees and speakers, as the event will be long and crowded. Use the Web Summit app to find and connect with people in advance.

6. Divide and conquer: If you’re attending the event with a group, decide who will attend what talk and when. This way, you and your team will be able to get the most of Web Summit and network with a lot more attendees.

7. Get data plan: Don’t rely on the wifi completely and make sure you have a data plan to cover you in times of need.

5 Ways to Keep Your Attendees Engaged at a Networking Event

It's a given that a is about networking. This is a chance for attendees to break out of their networking event social media bubble and actually meet people face-to-face. However, as the event progresses, some guests may lose interest and retreat to their mobile devices.

8. Carry enough business cards: Albeit obvious, a lot of people don’t carry enough business cards along. There will be multiple opportunities to hand them out during the event, and you never know who will be interested in your business.

9. Engage with the speaker: One of the best things to do is follow the speakers on Twitter. Many of them will be willing to engage with you online and they will make their presentation publicly available too.

10. Learn from the experts: Hearing some of the top leaders from the industry speak can not only be inspirational but it can also help improve your public speaking skill. Web Summit invites some of the best business presenters in the world, making it the perfect place to study the masters at work.

11. Take home some swag: A lot of exhibitors will be giving away cool gifts like notepads, USB sticks, coffee (there’s a lot of free coffee), candies and other goodies. It’s truly awesome.

12. Explore Lisbon: Since you’re already in the city, you can go for an early morning run before the event and explore the city with other attendees after the event.

13. Follow-up after the event: Most people exchange cards, have great conversations during the conference, but forget to follow-up after the event. Not following-up is a missed opportunity. Take time out to write to those that you would like to pursue.

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So, there you have it! All the tips you need to have a great time in Lisbon at Web Summit this year. For those traveling solo, make sure you link up with fellow attendees and make the most of the world’s largest tech conference.

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