Top 70+ Startup Events and Tech Conferences for 2018

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Startup Events and Tech Conferences

Did you know that attending leading startup events and tech conferences can transform your startup for the better? It’s true! Startup best practices indicate that exhibiting your startup at leading events such as Web Summit, TNW, SXSW, RISE, TechSparks, and TechCrunch Disrupt can boost its global visibility, especially in the early stages. The key benefits of attending any of these mega events include networking with like-minded entrepreneurs, striking strategic partnerships, showcasing your product to VCs and angel investors, attracting attention from media and industry influencers, as well as connecting with potential customers.

Isn’t that a fantastic way to growth hack your way to success in the very early stage of your startup’s lifecycle? Well, it sure is except one little thing – exhibiting at even one of these events can cost a small fortune, especially for an early stage startup. So, what’s the way out? You are, quite literally, looking at the answer!


The Startup League is a unique startup support program that offers up to 100% sponsorship to early-stage startups to exhibit at startup events and tech conferences. Since the time it was launched in 2016, the Startup League has supported over 150 early-stage startups from across 30 countries to exhibit at over 25 mammoth events and conferences.

As we venture into 2018, we are working towards creating many more amazing startup success stories by supporting them at the most kickass startup events the world over. Are you coming?

Check out this extensive list of startup events in 2018 from all corners of the globe. Dream to be there and then let Startup League make it happen for you!  

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