Vipfy.Store: Helping Small Businesses To Support Daily Business Tasks

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Starting out in the world of business is no easy feat. Once you set the wheels in motion, you must ask yourself the big question of how to sustain in the market, break even, and continue to grow from strength to strength. These are common apprehensions among the owners of small businesses from across the globe. VIpfy.Store offers the perfect solutions to help small businesses optimize their operations and find consistency in their day to day operations.

We spoke with Markus Müller, CEO of Vipfy.Store, to understand how Vipfy helps small businesses to support their daily business tasks. Read on!

What inspired you to start Tell us the story.

I was hanging out with good friends who wanted to start up their own company and I was facing problems building the much-needed infrastructure for my own company. It all came together for me as I was able to convince them to join me in developing Vipfy.

How does Vipfy help small businesses to support a small portion of their daily business tasks?

We are a marketplace for SMBs. We offer small businesses all the tools needed to operate and function on a daily basis. Requirements can range from needing an HR to a CRM to a complete accounting system.

Whatever the requirement, we will find the best solution for these small businesses. There are so many specialized tools available, but each tool supports a small portion of the daily business tasks.

So, we don’t limit our suggestions to the best individual tools, we support small businesses by centralizing user data as well as the billing process.

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What are your plans for

In the future, we wish to raise funds, build a reseller API, hire new staff, and change the world that we are catering too.

What are you looking forward to the most at Web Summit? How is Startup League helping you with preparing for your exhibit at the event?

Unfortunately, there are not many startups in our area. So at Web Summit, we hope to meet other startups to exchange our experiences with and learn from them. Startup League is helping us by introducing us to startups in their network.

Why did you choose a .STORE domain name? How is it helping you develop a unique online brand?

We decided to go for a more modern domain name than just a simple .com or .net domain, as we are all about innovation and set out to disrupt the industry. Also, it describes our business in the best way. We are Software as a Service Store!

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