Forging Ahead: The Startup League Supports 40+ Startups at Web Summit 2018

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We are just back from one of the world’s largest tech conferences, Web Summit. The mega event was held in Lisbon from 5th-8th November 2018 and this was the third consecutive time that we were at Web Summit supporting 40+ startups on Radix TLDs.

Overall, 2000+ startups and a total of 70,000+ attendees from 100+ countries were present at Web Summit this year. Our belief that high-potential startups deserve a powerful go-to-market strategy was reinforced at Web Summit as it played the perfect platform for startups on our TLDs who showcased their product to the most evolved tech audience in the world.

Along with the booth sponsorship, we also provided booth goodies such as stickers, badges, stationery as well as t-shirts branded with respective startups’ logos for greater booth engagement and visibility.

We’ve also amplified the promotions for these startups through online marketing, content marketing, and social media hype. To look for the best and most deserving startups to support at Web Summit, we did a neat little road trip earlier this year to partner with key incubators, accelerators, and startups in Europe. We even held workshops on how startups can optimize their event marketing strategy.

Web Summit's Role in branding Portugal as a Country of Innovators

How does IPN promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and the transfer of technology? Our motto, at IPN, is to promote entrepreneurship, innovation, and tech transfer based on 3 very complementary activities: 1) Applied research and technology development 2) Business incubation and acceleration 3) Specialized training in entrepreneurship, management, and technological functions.

This is an exciting time for new domains as more and more startups are embracing them to create distinctive online brands that stand out from the rest, and give a new-age internet edge. Towards this, we’ve been supporting startups using Radix’s new domain names at Web Summit since 2016.

Over the years, we’ve supported some truly amazing startups at Web Summit which include (2017), which later got selected for TechStars Metro Retail Program, Berlin; (2016, 2017), which became a finalist at Web Summit’s PITCH event; (2016), which became a semi-finalist at Web Summit’s PITCH event; and (2017), which received a €100K funding.

With every visit to Web Summit, our experience only gets better! Some of the startups that were able to make it to Web Summit 2018 through the Startup League include:


Startup’s Name Startup’s Website Country
EmotAI Lisbon, Portugal
EyeAI Kharkiv, Ukraine
Intern Pursuit Orlando, USA
Kwaita Kloosterweg, Netherlands
Mojipop Beijing, China
Nimest Porto, Portugal
Snovian.Space Chernihiv, Ukraine
Venues with Menus Ibiza, Spain
Vipfy Saarbrücken, Germany
WATR Norwich, UK

Towards our infectious passion for supporting startups and building a community of global new age businesses, our efforts are spread across the globe. We’ve supported startups at Web Summit (Portugal), TNW (Amsterdam), Collision (USA), TechCrunch Disrupt (USA), TechSparks (India), RISE (Hong Kong), among many others.

The incremental impact that we are able to create for these startups is encouraging and we are looking forward to an even bigger show next year.  


So, if you are a cutting-edge startup looking to spread your wings and take things up a few notches, sign up with us now!

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