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Watr.TECH is a smart water biotechnology startup that believes in the sustenance of life and its heavy dependency on clean air, a healthy environment, and clean usable water. We speak with Glyn Cotton of Watr.TECH, to understand what gave shape to this unique startup and how their smart technology can curb climate change to make the world a cleaner, more sustainable place for generations to come. Read on!

Glyn Cotton of Watr.TECH
Glyn Cotton of Watr.TECH

How did the idea for Watr and Monitr come to be?

One of my close friends owns a lake in the UK and was away on holiday when he received a phone call, one of the fishermen advised that there were fish floating on the surface. He had to rush back and call out the fire brigade to spray the lake to bring the oxygen level back up. This cost him an obscene amount of money and over 250k fish were lost. He said to me “there must be a better way than manually testing water each day”. This is how Monitr was born.

What are the top environmental problems that cause climate change?

One of the main causes is the greenhouse effect. This is the cycle by which certain gases become trapped in the atmosphere and generate heat on our planet. Apart from this, pollution from factories, vehicles, and other carbon-emitting sources are major pollutants that are damaging the environment.

How will smart water monitoring reduce environmental losses?

These changes in the environment can be managed and environmental losses can be avoided if they are caught at an early enough stage. Our Smart Water Monitor constantly monitors the conditions so that if there is a change it can be acted on immediately.

Watr.TECH at Web Summit 2017.

How has a .TECH domain helped you create a stronger online brand?

The .TECH domain has helped us to show visitors that we are dedicated to the technology that sits behind what we do and that our company revolves around technology. And so, it makes a great domain for our company.

What do your plans for the future? (Post-beta stage)

We are currently speaking to various companies about funding which will mean that we can roll Monitr out across Europe in our first year of trading and then worldwide in year 2.

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