ChatCampaign.TECH: Replacing Spammy Emails with Conversations

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ChatCampaign.TECH converts spammy emails to conversations

ChatCampaign.TECH replaces spammy emails with personalized conversations. An eager bunch of marketing outfits and PR agencies have subscribed for the alpha product release of ChatCampaign.TECH. Claudia Sin, Founder- CEO of Chat Campaign, speaks about her startup’s journey leading up to the exhibit at the RISE Conference 2017 in Hong Kong this July. 

How would you describe ChatCampaign.TECH?

ChatCampaign.TECH is the first SaaS platform empowering marketers to create conversational marketing campaigns, and send it across multiple chat channels. We want to replace spammy emails with personalized conversations.

ChatCampaign.TECH converts spammy emails to conversations

When did you get the idea to start working towards ChatCampaign.TECH?

In my previous startup, I often sent out marketing newsletters to customers and prospects, only to realize that most of them weren’t opened due to being classified as spammy emails. Then I sent the same messages, rephrased in a personal tone, through WhatsApp. This time our customers replied with a color of enthusiasm and positive interest. That is when it dawned on me to personalize broadcast messages as a conversation with a warm and friendly touch. This is how ChatCampaign.TECH came to be. 

How has the journey been so far? Share your unique learnings since the time you started working on replacing spammy emails with conversations through ChatCampaign.TECH.

The journey has been quite smooth overall, but a few bumpy patches have taught me some valuable lessons. Firstly, a product demo or prototype implementation is extremely important to develop and sell a product. This activity will answer the big question of whether the product is sellable or not.  

Secondly, getting the right message across is supremely imperative. Once you get that right, activities such as sales, marketing, talent recruitment, and investment pitch for funds become a whole lot easier.

You’ll be exhibiting at RISE 2017. How are your preparations coming along?

We are keenly looking forward to the RISE exhibition! A light box will be setup to make our booth stand out, and engaging marketing leaflets will be distributed. Furthermore, we have drafted a sales script consisting of FAQs for our promoters; and organized exclusive time limit offers for our participants. All in all, we have an interesting kit in place for our APLHA booth attendees!  

ChatCampaign.TECH is headed to RISE Conference 2017 with 100% sponsorship by the Startup League on their ALPHA booth. To know more, visit or write to

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