HabHub.TECH: A Social Medical Platform

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HabHubTECH A Social Medical Platform_ Photo credit Matthias Zomer

HabHub.TECH, a social medical platform for rehabilitation at home, will be exhibiting at the RISE Conference 2017 in Hong Kong this July. Peter Chung, Co-Founder of HabHub.TECH, talks about the opportunities in health tech and his plans for this much-anticipated conference.

Tell us about your social medical platform, HabHub.TECH?

HabHub.TECH is a Hong Kong based health-tech company. We provide a platform to build functional and effective support systems for patients. The platform ensures that they can receive appropriate rehabilitation at home.

HabHubTECH A Social Medical Platform

When did you get the idea to start working on a social medical platform?

Hong Kong, just like many other countries, consists of an older demographic population. This is a pain-point in terms of managing healthcare rehabilitation post critical illnesses. The idea to create HabHub originated in 2016 from the two hackathon competitions that I participated in: Dreamcatchers MedTech Hackathon and Hack-O-Life Hong Kong.

How has the journey been? Share a couple of unique learnings from your experience of working on HabHub.TECH.

Post the hackathon competitions, we applied for a seed funding of HK $100,000 from Cyberport. We got accepted in Feb 2017 and received a small funding from a university. All in all, it has been an interesting journey packed with new challenges and small successes every day.

You’ll be exhibiting at RISE 2017 in about 2 weeks. How are the preparations going, leading up to the event? Tell us what your plans are like.

HealthTech is a lucrative and fast-growing field! This qualifies us for a strong possibility to collaborate with other mainstream tech fields in the likes of InsuranceTech, FinTech, smart city projects, etc. We are super pumped to exhibit on our home turf! We are looking forward to connecting with other startups, developers, mentors, influencers and investors at RISE 2017.

HabHub.TECH is headed to RISE Conference 2017 with 100% sponsorship by the Startup League on their ALPHA booth. To know more, visit www.startupleague.online or write to leaguesupport@startupleague.online.

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