Electrosaver.TECH: An IoT-Based Green Startup

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Electrosaver.TECH: An IoT-Based Green Startup

Electrosaver.TECH is an IoT-based green startup from India that is exhibiting at RISE Conference in Hong Kong this July. We caught up with Neelesh Jain, CEO, ElectroSAVER for a quick interview about their journey and what keeps them going!

Tell us about your startup, Electrosaver.TECH.

We are an IoT company that creates intelligent hardware and software to make homes as lean as possible. This basically means that we equip our customer’s home with products that result in zero wastage of power, thereby resulting in significant savings on their electricity bills.

What inspired you to start working on a green startup?

I was working on my Master’s thesis when I came across this article that elaborated on how the supply of power will never match its demand in the future.  This meant that there would always be a segment of people who would not receive a stable electricity supply. The article had a great impact on me and I realized that there were only two ways to tackle this problem:

  1. Make more and more power plants (renewable and non-renewable)
  2. Reduce the demand/consumption of power in certain areas

Electrosaver.TECH, an IoT-based green startup, focuses on the second option, starting with the reduction of electricity wastage in homes.

Electrosaver.TECH: An IoT-Based Green Startup

How has the journey been? Share some of your unique learnings from your experience of working on this venture.

It has been a lot of work, work, and work since we began working on our green startup idea, Electrosaver.TECH! Starting a company may be easy but building it and making it stand on its feet is quite complicated. In all this, my key strength has been my team. It’s always great to work with them around. They are talented and ‘go-getters’, never the one to give up on anything. There are days when we work late nights, and often end up working on most weekends too – but my team does it willingly and with the same level of positivity and motivation each day. This keeps me inspired all the time.

The journey has been great so far and all of us at Electrosaver.TECH feel that working on this venture is a continuous learning – which is far more valuable than working on a regular 9-5 job!

Electrosaver.TECH is headed to RISE Conference 2017 with 25% sponsorship by the Startup League on their ALPHA booth. To know more, visit www.startupleague.online or write to leaguesupport@startupleague.online

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