AppPay.TECH: A Mobile Commerce Enabler

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AppPay.TECH: A Mobile Commerce Enabler

Malaysia based AppPay.TECH, a mobile commerce enabler, connects businesses with their customers through an app. Desmond Tay, Managing Director at AppPay.TECH, talks about revolutionizing the purchasing experience, simplifying business operations and leveraging brands with a new sales channel. The startup will be exhibiting at RISE Conference, Hong Kong, this July.

How would you describe AppPay.TECH?

AppPay is a comprehensive mobile commerce enabler. With a merchant-end wallet app system and loyalty rewards system, we help brick-and-mortar businesses (F&B and Retail) create a seamless commerce experience via a mobile app. Our focus is to leverage the brand with a new sales channel & provide app-based O2O (Online to Offline) commerce facilities.

AppPay.TECH: A Mobile Commerce Enabler

When did you get the idea to start working towards a mobile commerce platform?

In February 2016, I was shopping for some office furniture at an Ikea store. I thought of preparing a shopping list, placing my order, making the payment and having the items delivered to my office. Unfortunately, such an option was not available. I was told to grab items off the shelf and into the trolley and then made to push the trolley towards the checkout counter. After that, I had to push the trolley to a separate delivery counter for delivery processes. For this, I had to get my team to help me complete the purchase as there were 4 trolleys. At this point of bewildered frustration, I began thinking of ways to improve the customer experience of a brick-and-mortar business. That is when I came up with the concept of AppPay.

How has the journey been? Share a couple of unique learnings since the time you started working on AppPay.TECH.

The journey imparted some invaluable lessons. Firstly, clients do not pay for the product, they pay for the value or utility that the product offers. Secondly, ‘SoLoMo’ (Social, Locality, Mobile) has been crucial to our success and growth. Lastly, we have learned and observed that Retail-Tech is highly data driven and has the potential to offer a much more personalized user experience. 

Are you excited about exhibiting at RISE 2017? What are your plans?

We are eagerly looking forward to exhibiting at RISE this year! We shall keep a sharp lookout for potential partners who can work with us. We will also focus on connecting with investors, influencers, and promoters. To make the most of this conference, we intend to participate in a number events and sessions which are relevant and beneficial to AppPay.TECH. 

Apppay.TECH is headed to RISE Conference 2017 with 25% sponsorship by the Startup League on their ALPHA booth. To know more, visit or write to

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