Loop.SPACE: An App to Access Global Co-Working Spaces

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Loop.SPACE: An App to Access Global Co-Working Spaces

Loop.SPACE, an app to access the world’s best co-working spaces, is an up-and-coming startup slated to exhibit at RISE Conference 2017 in Hong Kong this July. Conversing with Chi Tran, CEO and Founder of Loop.SPACE, gave us an impressive perspective on this Singapore-based startup that regards the world as its workspace!

How would you describe Loop.SPACE?

Loop.SPACE is the ‘Priority Pass’ to the world’s best workspaces. We furnish members with free access to over 150 locations in 42 countries in addition to providing over $1,000 in benefits and offers. We seek to create a world that connects entrepreneurs, investors, and talent – all dedicated to building a future that matters. Break out. Loop in.

When did you get the idea to start working towards Loop.SPACE?

It was in early 2016 that we first thought of creating Loop.SPACE. We wanted to build a platform that allows one to book the best co-working spaces anywhere in the world, and connect each one of them through an app. The idea was to form the biggest network of independent spaces in the world. So, we have. Being part of the Startup League community has been instrumental in expanding our network and propelling our growth plans.

How has the journey been? Share a couple of unique learnings over the time you have worked on Loop.SPACE. 

Initially, during the beta phase, we over-engineered the app and packed it with too many features. Eventually, we realized that we should instead channelize our focus more on simplifying the booking experience and improving the collaboration experience for our members rather than making it feature loaded.

Feedback from co-working spaces in almost 50 countries has provided us with a unique perspective about this industry. The most consistent insight that we’ve come across is that the successful communities in our network are the ones that approach collaboration in an open manner. They embrace technology that focuses on providing benefits to their members, thus differentiating themselves from the rest.

Loop.SPACE currently has 155 Co-working Spaces in 42 Countries

You’ll be exhibiting at RISE 2017 in about 2 weeks. How are the preparations going, leading up to the event? Tell us what you plan to do there!

The team is very excited to exhibit at RISE 2017! We’re preparing to meet new and existing partners in Hong Kong. Loop.SPACE provides an opportunity to its members to collaborate with new people and work from partner locations. That’s precisely what we plan to do in Hong Kong for ourselves.

Loop.SPACE is headed to RISE Conference 2017 with 100% sponsorship by the Startup League on their ALPHA booth. To know more, visit www.startupleague.online or write to leaguesupport@startupleague.online. 

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