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Domestic helpers perform a variety of household services for their employers. However, finding a domestic helper that is reliable and dependable is a cumbersome task for the employer. On the flip side, for a domestic helper, finding a decent job is a tedious exercise. is a fast-growing global domestic workers’ database platform that connects employers, immigrant workers/students, and employment agencies on one platform to simplify the domestic help hiring process.

We spoke with Amanda So, Co-Founder and COO at MamaHelpers, to understand how MamaHelpers makes the hiring process easy, hassle-free and efficient. Amanda also shared the importance of professional training when it comes to hiring a new domestic helper. Read on!

domestic helpers
Amanda So

What inspired you to start MamaHelpers? Tell us the story.

The idea to start Mamahelpers started with TheCOVOGlobal Facebook page.

Through this Facebook page, we constantly organize small community events which bring local Hong Kong students and overseas immigrant workers together.

By spending time with them, we found that a lot of them were facing difficulties in seeking new job opportunities.

We then went on to create MamaHelpers in order to help students and immigrant workers find job opportunities with ease.

How does MamaHelpers make the process of hiring domestic helpers easy, hassle-free and efficient?

MamaHelpers is a LinkedIn-like platform that connects employers, helpers and partnered agencies with each other. By bringing in all these parties on one platform, MamaHelpers can facilitate the employment matchmaking process.

i) Employers can :
– Access an extensive database of foreign domestic helpers
– Take full control in filtering, screening and selecting information of these helpers
– Connect, message and schedule an appointment with potential foreign domestic helpers
– Submit employment documents directly through the app
– Share and support discussions in our forums

ii) Foreign domestic helpers can
– Access an extensive database of job posts
– Create a professional profile and search for overseas jobs
– Become verified users to grab promising job opportunities
– Engage in a dynamic community

iii) Employment agencies can
– Access an extensive database of foreign domestic helpers
– Take full control in filtering, screening and selecting their own customers and helpers’ information
– Connect, message and acquire their potential foreign domestic helpers
– Process employment documents directly through the app

30 Startups on Radix Domains Set to RISE in Hong Kong

RISE 2018 will be flanked by startups on Radix domains from various geographies that are slated to receive booth sponsorship, booth goodies, and much more! Some of the startups headed to RISE 2018 with the Startup League are: Hong Kong 1. replaces spammy promotions and emails with meaningful automated marketing conversations and messages.

You are headed to the 2018 edition of the RISE Conference. How do you plan to make the most of this event? 

The RISE Conference is an event that brings some of the best startups under one coveted space. MamaHelpers will be one of those startups and is gearing up to attract the most attention at the conference.

Not only that, Mamahelpers is bringing a revolutionary solution to better optimize the way that the Foreign Domestic Workers Hiring Industry works. The technology has the potential to cover many different industries.

What are your future plans for MamaHelpers?

The plan is to grow the database of MamaHelpers Technology across different global markets and become the most useful employment platform around the world.

Share with us your thoughts on the importance of professional training for domestic helpers.

For domestic workers to remain competent and relevant in the employment market, professional training is a necessity to enhance their professional profile.

Therefore, the MamaHelpers Academy aims to foster a lifestyle of enrichment through continuous learning and development in the OFWs (Overseas Foreign Workers) community.

Domestic helpers will be able to realize their own full potential, increase their personal achievements and attain happiness in their daily life through learning and training.

Why did you choose a .TECH domain name? How is it helping you develop a unique online brand?

The .tech domain not only defines our business and passion for the tech world but also ensures that we present a professional image for everyone in the industry.

Our brand can be recognized as forward-thinking since it highlights all the tech-related services and products that we offer. We can proudly say that MamaHelpers Technologies is at the helm of modern technologies!

As a member of the Startup League, Mamahelpers is headed to the RISE Conference 2018 with full sponsorship for their ALPHA package.


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