Innovative Startups Headed to Web Summit 2017

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Web Summit 2017

Over 30 startups from multiple sectors are headed to the Web Summit 2017 with the Startup League. Here is an introduction of startups from Gaming & VR, Social, Fitness and Travel sectors. To read about startups from other industries, click here.


1. Digidice |

Digidice is an Indian startup. It specializes in a unique Bluetooth enabled dice which communicates with smartphones for users to enjoy traditional dice games. With 3 games already launched on Android, the physical electronic dice can be customized for other specific hardware or software requirements.

2. Faxime |

Faxime is a Portugal based game development startup founded by Gil Ferraz and Teresa Loureiro. The two founders of the game studio graduated in Game Development at IPCA (university) in June 2017 and have both moved to Braga as they are currently incubated at Startup Braga.


3. YouClap |

YouClap.TECH is a Portugal based tech startup and is currently located at the University of Aveiro Business Incubator (IEUA). YouClap.TECH empowers brands to include online challenges in across social media platforms to engage customers.


4. KickFit |

Igetfit is a Ukraine based startup founded by Ivan Novosiolov, Andrew Zubko and Roman Klimuk. They have developed a weight control application with SaaS service platform for gyms, personal trainers, sports classes, etc with smart performance analytics integrated to marketing solutions.


5. Anycity |

Anycity is a Netherlands based travel platform which brings travelers and locals together. The platform allows users to plan trips after connecting with the right person and gaining the right information.

Who else is going to Web Summit 2017 with the Startup League? Click here to find out!

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