Startup League Gears Up For Web Summit 2017

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Web Summit 2017

It’s been more than a year since the Startup League was launched by Radix to empower new-age startups on its domain names. It has been an eventful year for us and this November we will be revisiting one of the very first events that we partnered with, Web Summit.

What is Web Summit? A small idea can make an enormous difference, don’t you think? Web Summit’s story is something like that. What started as an idea in 2009-2010 to connect the tech community with various industries has today become the largest technology conference in the world!

Web Summit is known to bring Fortune 500 companies, groundbreaking startups, smaller tech companies, and world-class speakers each year to Lisbon and this year won’t be any different, except it will be bigger than before!

It is safe to say that Web Summit is beyond compare when it comes bringing together the most innovative tech companies of our times and those who are interested in how these innovations will change our future.

If you are in technology, you have to be at Web Summit in November this year in Lisbon, Portugal!

Who’s going to Web Summit in November 2017?

We are! The Startup League will be at Web Summit this year along with more than 50 innovative startups on Radix domains! Yes, that’s right! In fact, five exciting startups will be at Web Summit with 100% ALPHA booth sponsorship from the Startup League.

These startups will also get an opportunity to meet with investors, attend startup workshops, roundtables and much more at the 3-day mega event.

And that’s not all.

More than 30 cutting-edge tech startups have been chosen by the Startup League and the team from Web Summit to exhibit at the event with 25% booth sponsorship powered by the Startup League.

Which are the startups exhibiting at Web Summit 2017 with sponsorship and support from the Startup League?

Startups from across industries are headed to Web Summit 2017 with the Startup League: 

Advertising, Content & Media

1. Marketing Madheads |

2. Oko |


3. Animall |

4. Botscape |

5. Promo Services App |


6. Dinesmart |

7. Nutsoft |

HR & Recruitment

8. Hirefreehands |

Read more about these startups here.

Gaming & Virtual Reality  

9. DigiDice |

10. Faxime |


11. YouClap |


12. KickFit |


13. Anycity |

Read more about these startups here.


14. Brainscrap |

15. Eyeware |

16. Petuniversal |

17. Moov |

18. Garupa |

19. Junction |

20. GoBunk |

Read more about these startups here.

Environmental & Clean Tech 

21. Mugstudio |

22. Pavnext |

23. Watr |


24. Chatdirect |

25. Neuropsycad |

26. Nu-RISE |

27. RI-TE |

Read more about these startups here.

Big Data 

28. Sensei |

29. Invadex |

Hardware & IoT

30. Avenira |

31. OCEO |

32. Shuteye |


33. Näktergal | 

Read more about these startups here.

Will you be at Web Summit this year? If yes, do come and say hello to us at our booth! We will be exhibiting on all 3 days from November 6th to 9th and are looking forward to meeting new startups. See you there!

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