Innovative Startups Headed to Web Summit 2017

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Web Summit 2017

Over 30 startups from multiple sectors are headed to the Web Summit 2017 with the Startup League. Here is an introduction of startups from the Software industry. To read about startups from other sectors, click here.


1. Brainscrap |

BrainScrap is a Portugal based startup that specializes in a cloud-based software-as-a-service framework. It is pegged as the missing link between social platforms, personal information managers, and collaborative tools. It enables people to work with constellations of information to achieve a healthy work-life balance, rather than just a traditional tree or timeline approach.

2. Eyeware |

Eyeware.TECH is a Switzerland based tech startup that enables smart machines to understand human attention, with applications in social robotics, automotive, smart home, social studies, healthcare, gaming, industrial automation, and advertising. The startup been recognized with multiple international awards, prizes, and business competitions.

3. Petuniversal |

PetUniversal is a Portugal based startup founded in 2015 by Luis Pinto, Susana Costa and Vitor Martins. Headquartered at the business incubator of the University of Aveiro, the startup offers software solutions that enable centralization of animal data and effective interaction among veterinarians, pet owners, and animal associations. They facilitate and simplify veterinary clinical processes.

4. Moov |

Moov is a Brazilian startup that lets users buy and book tickets for the city’s top executive buses. The app serves as an innovative platform and increases safety and optimizes travel time for its users. Using Moov, you can choose the seat of your choice and know the location of your bus in real time.

5. Garupa |

Garupa is a Brazilian startup that offers a mobility service for users to move around their city more quickly and practically. The application serves as a powerful ally to dribble through the traffic and still save time and money when it comes to moving around the city.

6. Junction |

Dojunction is a Portugal based startup that provides an advanced system to help brands acquire and retain customers and ensure IP protection. It has an ecosystem comprising of a mobile platform, a SaaS platform, and smartphone app for a social crowd system checker to make consumer-brand relationships easier.

7. GoBunk |

GoBunk is a UK based tech startup that is taking over the rental market with its mobile platform that accompanies users throughout their rental journey while rewarding them along the way. The renting app is targeted at students as an easier avenue for them to search, sign and confirm their new home. 

Who else is going to Web Summit 2017 with the Startup League? Click here to find out!

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