Innovative Startups Headed to Web Summit 2017

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Web Summit 2017

Over 30 startups from multiple sectors are headed to the Web Summit 2017 with the Startup League. Here is an introduction of startups from Big Data, FinTech and Hardware & IoT sectors. To read about startups from other sectors, click here.


1. Sensei |

Sensei is a Portugal based startup that provides precise in-store analytics to understand customer behavior. Their business intelligence platform captures in-store information such as who enters the store, what drives their browsing and how to convert them into valuable loyal customers. They use a range of easy-to-install devices ranging from cameras, sensors, and routers to their proprietary Sensei Tag to gather information and analytics. Sensei is currently being accelerated at the Techstars Metro Retail program in Berlin.
Sensei is headed to Web Summit with 100% ALPHA booth sponsorship from the Startup League

2. Invadex |

Invadex is an Indian technology services company incubated by IIITD (Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi). The company aims to launch products in 2018 and is currently focused on building strategy and solve major issues in the area of co-working spaces. The company is also using Machine Learning capabilities to improve digital marketing solutions and is in the process to build SaaS applications to solve classification and prediction problems across industries.


3. Avenira |

Avenira is a Norway based tech startup known for its Android app, Coolfrog.TECH. The app works as a heat alarm for your phone or tablet that monitors and alerts you if your device should ever overheat and become dangerous. The app automatically monitors the internal temperature in a device, and this is linked to the alarm.

4. OCEO |

OCEO is an Indian startup that uses an IoT based smart water purifier that features a multi-stage filtration process to produce bottle-quality drinking water at home. With a unique pay per liter model, OCEO aims to reduce the carbon footprint during the water purification process. OCEO was an alumnus of the AIRMaker Accelerator Program in Singapore and recently won the ASEAN round of the Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest.
OCEO is headed to Web Summit with 100% ALPHA booth sponsorship from the Startup League

5. Shuteye |

Shuteye is a Portugal based startup that offers an online platform to book hotel rooms by the hour. They partner with hostels, guest houses, hotels, Airbnb and other individual accommodations.


6. Näktergal |

Consumer lending systems aren’t about banks, lending or systems – they are about the consumer. Näktergal provides banks and lenders with a comprehensive consumer lending platform that is the end result of years of hard competition up in the Nordics. After launching their next-generation platform at the first customer, a small Nordic bank that is rapidly growing its volumes, Näktergal is now looking for new markets.

Who else is going to Web Summit 2017 with the Startup League? Click here to find out!

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