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Over 30 startups from multiple sectors are headed to the Web Summit 2017 with the Startup League. Here is an introduction of startups from Environmental & Clean Tech and MedTech sectors. To read about startups from other sectors, click here.


1. Mugstudio |

Mugstudio is an Italian startup studio that provides optimal solutions to business problems and to improve existing solutions to certain challenges.

Mugstudio empowered Shike to create a globally scalable alternative to the world’s most diverse bicycle-sharing services and make it the widest bike sharing service in the market.
Pavnext is headed to Web Summit with 100% ALPHA booth sponsorship from the Startup League

2. Pavnext |

Pavnextis a Portugal based startup that converts the energy harvested from vehicles into electrical energy, at a very high-efficiency, thereby recycling wasted energy into clean electrical energy.

A winner of the BIG Smart Cities challenge, Pavnext is working with local governments of Portuguese cities to make the concept a reality.

3. Watr |

Watr is a UK based biotechnology startup. Watr creates tech products to help with environmental loss due to climate change. Their first product, Monitr, will be going onto Crowdcube soon and is scheduled to roll out in 2018. 


4. Chatdirect |

ChatDirect is a Netherlands based chat-bot solution. It can run automatic chat conversations to respond to healthcare related queries. The app uses smart text interpretation to conduct a ‘human-like conversation’.

Its custom workflows, integration with back-end systems and staff controlled dashboard allow users to receive a fast, simple and efficient experience.

5. Neuropsycad |

Neuropsycad, headquartered in Portugal, is a cloud-based platform for the computer-assisted diagnosis (CAD) of neuropsychiatric disorders.

Their mission is to support neurologists, psychiatrists, and radiologists in diagnosing neuropsychiatric disorders at an early stage and more accurately using medical imaging and AI.

The startup has won several awards and prizes for their work.
Nu-Rise is headed to Web Summit with 100% ALPHA booth sponsorship from the Startup League

6. Nu-RISE |

Nu-Rise is a Portugal based innovative medical startup that has developed a probe that enters a cancer patient’s body and monitors, in real-time, the level of radiation the patient is receiving.

The technology will help doctors target cancer but avoid giving radiation to healthy organs, thereby providing better, safer and more accurate treatment. Nu-Rise has been part of various pitch events that include Boston Immersion Program,

Startup Weekend Cambridge, GoYouth Conference, Lisbon Investment Summit, EU Health Competition and was part of the Mass Challenge Accelerator, Batch of 2017.

7. RI-TE |

RI-TE is a Portugal based startup that is a spinoff from the University of Aveiro. The startup focuses on the R&D of systems and instrumentation for radiation detection and imaging.

With strong backgrounds in scientific research and development, the founders have invested the last few years in turning their ideas into a business.

Who else is going to Web Summit 2017 with the Startup League? Click here to find out!

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