The Benefits of Blogging for your Startup Business and Marketing

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benefits of blogging

Chances are high, that as a startup, your time is limited and mainly spent on things that have to do with the core activities of your newborn business. You don’t have moments to waste, and we don’t blame you! Though, within the rush, it is possible that you perceive certain unworthy things that are actually worth your time. Let’s talk about one such thing: the benefits of blogging.

You may think of blogging as a “luxury” or a meaningless move, but its anything but that! We talk from experience when we say that there have seen amazing benefits of blogging. With this blog, we will explain to you why we believe that blogging will be helpful for you too and why it is the doorway to marketing and business success.

1. Visibility Factor

Even if you have the most amazing online presence it is possible to seem inactive if there is no sign of an update on your website. One of the benefits of blogging is that it helps to become visible and to speak out loud that you exist, that you are active, and that you did not quit the run.

2. Branding Hack

Another one of the many benefits of blogging is that you can use this voice to build your brand to become stronger with every passing day. Your blog is the place to talk extensively about your values, your culture, your activities, your products, and services. Talk about your startup and your brand will thank you later.

3. Information Tool

Content marketing and creation is not just a marketing tool. By creating articles on a constant basis, you inform your visitors/clients about anything you want to. You show that you care about them and that you make an effort to provide them with news about you-you don’t let the media do this on your behalf. At Papaki we use our blog to announce many of our significant news, such as awards or companies’ acquisitions. But also, to write about something new concerning Chrome, SSL etc.

How to Build a Strong Brand for your Startup

When it comes to starting up, many entrepreneurs are at a loss as to how to go about transforming their idea into a reality and to make it a success. A major portion of making your startup achieve amazing heights of success depends on acing your marketing and to build a strong brand.

4. Extra Mile

Every startup out there has a Facebook account as well an Instagram account. How many of them do have a great blog? Not a lot… And this is another one of the benefits of blogging. It’s an extra mile that will help you make the difference. A frequently updated blog gives value to the visitor and makes him/her realize that you are consistent with your vision.

5. Attract the right people

Relevant and value-driven content means better SEO, and better SEO will help your startup reach the right people! New customers, partners, investors are all included as people who will be attracted to your blog and website.

6. Spark Interactivity

Blogs make for an effective communication medium and this is one of the major benefits of blogging. Each post is a great opportunity for discussion with your visitor/clients. An interesting article can fuel their interest in you, as well as encourage them to post a comment about your products or services. Feedback is vital, you know that!

Final Thoughts

So, these were some of the main reasons why a blog can help you grow your online business. With active blogging, you can come across as an approachable brand and make the best of it. Not only will smart content creation and curation help you with SE, it will help you grow into an authority in your niche. Remember, no one will hate you because you don’t blog, but it is possible that your target audience will come to love you more if you create unique blog content!

Contributed by: Papaki Blog.

Papaki Blog is the corporate blog of Papaki, the no1 domain registrar in Greece. It was launched in 2010, hosting articles written in greek. In 2015 it was enriched with english content. Marieta Christopoulou is currently the content editor of Papaki Blog!

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