Making Text Conversations Super Fun with GIF Stickers

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GIF stickers

The whole world is online now. This includes chatting and conversing on multiple platforms with friends and loved ones. And people are always looking to express themselves better and sprinkle their messages with a hint of humor and engagement. With intuitive GIF stickers, people can bring life to their messages.

We spoke to Filipe Santos, Founder at, a communication platform powered by high-end face detection technology that creates personalized GIF stickers, to understand how Gif stickers will augment conversations. Read on!

GIF stickers
Filipe Santos

What inspired you to start Tell us the story.

I have always been passionate about art and technology, but never really had the chance to see those two worlds connect, until we created MojiPop. With social media consuming a large part of people’s daily lives, mobile users want virtual conversations with their friends and family to be more fun and creative.

We created MojiPop, which is a fun and interactive keyboard that uses facial recognition to create and share personalized cartoon stickers instantly. There are tens of thousands of sticker templates to choose from, which are updated every day!

How are Gif stickers slated to revolutionize text messaging and augment conversations?

Today’s mobile users want to stand out in their virtual conversations. They want to show they are different, they want to impress, and express, and have a good laugh. Gif stickers allow people to do just that.

By making GIF Stickers personalized with our own cartoon avatar, I believe we are able to convey messages in an even more fun and interesting way.

A CEO's take on the Importance of Content Marketing

Tell us about your "Best Rank" algorithm. To be different from the pay to play review sites our ranking system had to be algorithm- based, merit-based, and completely transparent. Best Rank is a ranking system based on those qualities. Best Rank takes into account a user review index and the market index.

What are your future plans for

Video conversations have not changed much throughout the past 5 years, so we are now working on a new project called MojiPop AR. Using the latest developments in Augmented Reality and Object Recognition technology, you will soon be able to create live videos featuring your cartoon avatar interacting with the content recorded. All people will need to do is to activate their phone’s camera, start recording, and their friends will instantly be part of their story.

What are you looking forward to the most at Web Summit? How is Startup League helping you with preparing for your exhibit at the event?

The opportunity to connect with thousands of entrepreneurs from all around the globe is invaluable. I am looking forward to getting inspired and also to share our story with the people there. As a native Portuguese who has lived abroad for over 20 years, it’s great to be back in Lisbon.

Without Startup League, it would have been much more challenging to participate at Web Summit. Startup League’s sponsorship, PR support, and branded merchandise make our long trip completely worthwhile.

Why did you choose a .FUN domain name? How is it helping you develop a unique online brand?, is short, creative, and easy to remember. We wanted to combine fun and creativity to provide an entertaining experience to everyone, and so .fun sounded just right.

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